May 12, 2007

John H. Gohde says John H. Gohde Rules!

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Will the real John H. Gohde please stand up? Can John H. Gohde carry on? Will John H. Gohde continue to post on Google groups? Will John H. Gohde continue to stand up for his rights? Should John H. Gohde succeed? Can John H. Gohde talk about the real “John H. Gohde” more often than the hate blogger does? Is there any doubt that John H. Gohde has totally destroyed the hate blogger? John H. Gohde, certainly thinks so. In fact, John H. Gohde knows so.

John H. Gohde Throws

Listening to the trolls whine and complain about the behavior of John H. Gohde on the Internet you would think that John H. Gohde must be some kind of a mass murder. Sorry, but this John H. Gohde leads a quiet and fairly boring life. Much of which, John H. Gohde has spent surfing the web doing health research.

John H. Gohde Hits

While there may indeed be more than one John H Gohde, this John H. Gohde is the one who has had his name plastered all over the Internet. Being that “John H. Gohde” keeps on popping up all over the place on ancient forum posts, that simply wont die a long deserved death, John H. Gohde thought that it was about time for John H. Gohde to talk about John H. Gohde as often as the Hate blogger talks about John H. Gohde on his John H. Gohde hate blog.

John H. Gohde Scores!

Now, that John H. Gohde has decided to search engine optimize his main web site John H. Gohde has come under the wrath of the worst kind of troll imaginable: The SEO Troll. In John H. Gohde’s quest to increase hits to his little web site, John H. Gohde has come under the scrutiny of a group of people totally without any scruples. With even less useful knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to optimizing web sites.

These SEO Trolls are far worst than any anti-alternative medicine bigot that John H. Gohde has ever come across.



  1. Some might find the use of John H. Gohde, excessive on this page. The use of John H. Gohde serves its purpose. After all, all the hate blogger does is repeat over and over again: John H. Gohde, John H. Gohde, and some more John H. Gohde. And, so it goes the hate blogger posts over and over again: John H. Gohde, John H. Gohde, and even more John H. Gohde.

    So, why not have John H. Gohde have at least one garbage dump page?

  2. Who is this John H. Gohde that John H. Gohde is talking about? And, why is John H. Gohde still not number one in the SERPs? Why must John H. Gohde use John H. Gohde, “John H. Gohde,” and John H. Gohde more than once when his original approach was number one using John H. Gohde not more than once?

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