March 16, 2008

Is it Better to Post, or to Blog?

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What is wrong with posting on newsgroups anyway, asks John H. Gohde? Absolutely nothing!

In case you have not noticed, there has been a recent innovation on the Internet called Blogs. John H. Gohde points out that with a blog, anyone can operate their own web site with minimal knowledge. The net result is that most blogs consist merely of one person blabbing away endlessly about next to nothing. Blogging is a reality. Blogging exists. Blogs are very popular. Ergo, a lot of people like to engage in blogging. Ergo, blogging is considered to be fun by a lot of people. Ergo, a lot of people blab away endlessly about next to nothing.

Bloggers essentially talk to themselves, addressing their messages to be read by an audience more imaginary than real. From my own point of view, I have been blogging away on the Internet for years on newsgroups, having a bunch of fun. Sure, most of my posts have been pure drivel, no different than most of the stuff that you will find on most blogs. Yes, I have been engaging in blogging for years, before the concept of a blog was even invented. But unlike that unnamed blogger, ALL of my newsgroup posts were addressed at specific people on the Internet freely participating on an Internet forum. All, of these people came complete with their own baggage and posting history. Some of them were new and naive. But, most of them had a very long history of exhibiting hostility towards me due to their anti-alternative medicine bigotry.

So, if blogging is okay, which it obviously is. What is so wrong with my prior posting history on the Internet? Absolutely nothing, that is what! I like to comment on the human condition. I like to poke fun at human behavior on newsgroups. If you are a stiff, then you will probably call me a notorious Internet troll. But, if you have a sense of humor, then you just might get a good chuckle out of it. 🙂

Anybody who has ever promoted alternative medicine knows that bigotry exists in many different forms. What others have characterized as trolling, I would simple prefer to call being assertive, and having enough self-esteem to attack those who openly attack me. You cannot promote a specific position on natural health and alternative medicine in general by being a door mat. On the Internet, just as in life, you have be assertive, or other people will just walk all over you. No matter what position you take, you are going to make somebody mad. That is just the way it is on newsgroups.

That other unnamed idiot WordPress blogger is just trying to intentionally use you. All he is doing is making a series of emotional and totally irrational comments. Basically, he is arguing that it is okay for him to blog away endlessly about absolutely nothing. That it is okay for him to micromanage everyone of my Internet posts. That it is perfectly okay for him to micromanage posts of mine, written years ago. And, that he can, unlike me, engage in the very same behavior that he is so critical of, in his own little world. Why? Because he is master of a blog that he has made in his own image. But, from his own bigoted and narrow minded point of view, it is not okay for me to micromanage other people.

He has taken isolated comments from old posts of mine totally out of the context that they were written in. He ignores the fact that anti-alternative medicine bigots and health Kooks have been attacking me for years. And, then tries to make some erroneous, stupid, off-the-wall, and totally incorrect conclusions.

Just as you can use statistics to prove anything, you can also quote people out of context in order to defame that person. In order to turn them into something that they are not. Politicians do this all the time, when running for political office. It is called dirty politics for a reason.

In conclusion, virtually every evil, bad, or act of hatred that this unnamed blogger has accused me of, he is committing in his very same blog, post, and even paragraph. In his zeal to use you for his evil intentions, he basically is exposing his own lack of moral character. Secretly, he hates himself. And, his blogging shows it.

Every word written by that unnamed blogger is full of hatred, hypocrisy, and bigotry.

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