March 16, 2008

The Truth About John H. Gohde

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John H. Gohde is a private person.

What John H. Gohde, or anybody else, does in their own private life is none of anyone else’s business.

John H. Gohde chose long ago to be an ethical person when I first started to participate on BBSs by using my real name. It was no mistake. It was my choice from day one. It helps make my web site great!

The NaturalHealthPerspective is based upon recently published scientific research papers, rather than on the private life of John H. Gohde. The quality of the Informational Content on my site has absolutely nothing to with my private life, or with my life on the Internet. It is all about a natural health program that should make a lot sense to most people. It is the end product of a lot of hard work into what works and what does not.

In no way, is the quality of the NaturalHealthPerspective depended upon winning some popularity contest.


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  1. I am a private person.

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