March 28, 2008

John H. Gohde Exposes Webado, to be a Troll

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John H. Gohde exposes webado to be nothing but a Troll. She is the head Google Customer Service Troll at Google Webmaster Help group.

No matter how self important, Webado views herself to be, she is nevertheless nothing, but a troll. The top ten posters on any Internet forum have absolutely no personal life, by definition. And, live to post on their little group.

John H. Gohde is telling you to your face, Webado, that you are the Troll. And, muses whether it is better to be the #1, or #2 Troll, at GWH?

Clearly Webado’s posting history as the number one poster on the Google Webmaster Help group speaks for itself. It documents that she would rather spend quality time with her computer than with either her husband or daughter. Numbers do not lie, reports John H. Gohde. In July 2007, she posted 1,107 posts. While she beat her own record in January 2008 with 1,252 posts.

John H. Gohde invites everyone to do the math. That works out to around 40 posts a day, seven days a week. Or a Google Customer Service reply, every 12 to 13 minutes in a full-time day of 8 hours, in a 56 hour week

Rather than bragging about it, John suggests that Webado should be hiding in shame. Think that you will get quality Customer Service from Webado, webmasters of the world? Think again!

It is physically impossible to knock out quality replies, every 12 to 13 minutes of an eight hour day. The numbers do not lie. Webado is a Troll, of the worst kind. Clearly, Webado posts before she thinks. And, puts absolutely no research into her replies. Numbers do not lie, Webado!

The former top poster on this group was JohnMu / Softplus who gave up his customer service volunteer work, for a paid position with Google. There will be plenty of time to dump on him and the rest of the Customer Service Trolls, in future posts.



  1. John H. Gohde Exposes Webado, to be a Troll

    Webado is the head Google Customer Service Troll at Google Webmaster Help, reports John H. Gohde.

  2. Steven said,

    I couldn’t agree more!

  3. I find it very funny how days and days later, Webado has yet to respond. While our beloved JLH responded within minutes.

    What could that mean?

    Gee, is is it possible? Or, is it even probable that JLH is the … ?

    What do you guys think?

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