April 27, 2008

John H. Gohde Succeeded on Wikipedia

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Just like JR, the hate blogger sure does like to whine a lot, reports John H. Gohde. Contrary to what Mr. R claims, John was very happy with what he was able to accomplish on Wikipedia.

There is a rather interesting post about a great success story, on one of John H. Gohde’s other blogs.

“The Hate Blogger’s account, User:Gohdeilocks, managed to get itself blocked indefinitely from editing Wikipedia in only one week [2] . While, silly John has been editing there for over a year. The Hate Blogger, of course, accomplished virtually nothing other than engaging in a Kissy-Fit with Igor the Troll.”

John H. Gohde went into Wikipedia and accomplished a great deal of significant work in a very short period of time. Unlike the edits of JR, everthing that Mr. Gohded edited is still in great shape. Mr. Gohde edited for over one year at Wikipedia, while JR lasted barely one week.

Hats off to the author of our blog, for yet another success story.



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