May 6, 2008

Trolls – Just a Cage Full of Monkeys

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Why are trolls, trolls? How do the Trolls of Google Customer Service behave? Why they act like the trolls that they are, of course. John H. Gohde muses on why trolls behave like trolls.

Troll vs. Monkey

The science of Troll behavior is called small group dynamics. And, it is well known what trolls do. The small group dynamics of monkeys in a cage offers a good explanation of the Trolling behavior going on at the GWH group.

Trolls will attack any outsider that threatens their status as the top monkeys of their own little group. How do we know this? Because the science of small group dynamics tells us so. 🙂

Trolls always classify their own behavior as being good, noble, and virtuous while simultaneously ridiculing, attacking, and calling evil similar behavior being conducted outside their own little group by others.

We have a case study documenting the small group dynamics of their trolling behavior on GWH.

Why do these Trolls behave like monkeys?

“Because as far as they know, that’s the way it’s always been done around there.”

John H. Gohde always knew that JR has always been just a little monkey, in a group of 10 monkeys. JR is Just a jealous want-a-be, whom none of his other fellow monkeys has ever taken seriously.

John sends JR his condolences. 🙂


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