May 10, 2008

John H. Gohde on Google Favors Keyword Density

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Google has always favored Keyword Density over garbage dump blogs, like the Hate Blog, muses John H. Gohde.

While the SERP differential between the two has dropped drastically from 5 pages from over a year ago, the recent trend is once again favoring keyword Density by a nice spread. 🙂

John says that JR’s efforts to tweak the Hate Blog are thus futile and imature. Nor, did the Hate Blogger dropping Igor the Troll’s picture from his home page go unnoticed, either. JR is acting mighty guilty says, John H. Gohde.

No longer is keyword density ranked back-to-back with garbage dump blogs in Google. There is now a 6 to 7 point spread in favor of keyword density.

Newsflash for JR

Attention: JR: that means that John’s personal website once again rules the day.

JR’s SEO lesson for the day is that high keyword density and garbage dump blogs are mutually exclusive. 🙂

John H. Gohde gives JR his condolences.



  1. Good news for me. But, not so good news for JLH.

    Ha, … Hah, Ha!

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