May 25, 2008

John H. Gohde Can See Into The Future

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How many people do you know who can see well into the future?

Well, I am here to tell you that John H. Gohde correctly predicted the future long ago when he wrote about the development of a set of three websites that would eventually mock the activities of trolls, like JR and others, both on the GWH group as well as on Wikipedia.

Long, long ago, in a far off land John H. Gohde wrote his classic post entitled: The Form of the Destroyer.

“Just like in Ghostbusters the movie, the form of the destroyer has been chosen by the SEO Trolls, except that this time it wont be Stay Puff, the Pilsburghy Dough Boy. How to create yet another unique web site about John H. Gohde, until recently had him completely stymied. But now, the problem has been graciously solved by those dumb trolls.

John will, thus, soon have three more websites named after himself, each dealing with a different subject area. The first site explores the positive side of the real John H. Gohde. The second one exposes the worst kind of tabloid journalism while laughing at JR and all the other SEO trolls. And, his yet to be released website will be exposing the funnest of all the trolls, the Trolls of Wikipedia.”

Developing John H. Gohde on Trolls of Wikipedia was indeed a labor of love. And, John has certainly enjoyed himself on this blog havine a good time playing with the trolls known as JR and Webado. 🙂

John H. Gohde has, yet one more prediction to make. And, that will be about the future demise of JR’s rule on the SERPs.

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