June 1, 2008

John H. Gohde Puts the SEO Trolls to Shame, Once Again!

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The only thing that JR seems to like to write about on his blog is drinking beer. John H. Gohde on the other hand always writes original content on original topics. While the dribble that JR turns out does rise to the level of the usual SEO crap that you would expect to find on blogs, only John H. Gohde is capable of writing original ideas, time and time again.

John H. Gohde recently wrote an exposé on Long Tail – The Amazon.com SEO Fallacy.

“The long tail marketing tactics of Amazon.com apply only to their obscure hard to get items, most of whose corresponding webpages are quite undeveloped and empty. To try to apply the same long tail webpage development concept to the average site that contains only hand written content is an absurdity that perpetuates a fallacy of unreasonable expectations on the part of naive website operators.”

The JR types of this world like to jerk people along with their SEO myths, and get drunk on their beer. John on the other hand is on a mission to reveal the SEO Tips & Tricks those SEO trolls Don’t Want You to Know About.

And, it is about time that those SEO Trolls at GWH group figured it out. John would like JR to know that J is a few beers short of a six pack. JR’s day of ruling the search engine optimization world is coming to an abrupt end thanks to moi. 🙂

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