June 6, 2008

John H. Gohde Owns the SERPs

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John H. Gohde is pleased with the status of his SERPs. JR must be asleep. As John now owns the first four pages of his SERPs. Just about every posting on the first few pages of the SERPs for John H. Gohde is now favorable about John.

John H. Gohde, of course, once again rules the SERPs thanks to a simple Google Page website that uses keyword density to comfortably rule over Garbage Dump blogs, like the one run by JR.

Not only are two different Free WordPress Blogs about to comfortably overtake the Hate Blog. But, just about every post on the SERPs is either neutral or favorable about John.

WordPress has come to John’s rescue. 🙂

Not only do you have the blogs themselves, but you also have all the spinoffs from those very same blogs saying nice things about John H. Gohde.

The newsgroup posts that manage to appear in the SERPs are favorable. Heck, even the posts showing up for Google Webmaster Help group are neutral if not downright favorable.

Then of course we have John’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blog that makes JR SEO Blog look sick. Yes, the gods are currently favoring John H. Gohde in the SERPs. 🙂


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  1. Actually, I was being way too modest.

    Thanks to JLH introducing me to WordPress, I virtually own the first one hundred webpages in the SERPs for my name, with the exception of the garbage being posted by the Hate Blogger, who in my opinion is JLH.

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