July 8, 2008

John H. Gohde Adds Value to the Web

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A few days ago, John H. Gohde gave the Natural Health Magazine a boost in the SERPs. John thinks that Google should put him back in the #4 slot. And, that he should receive a nice commission check from the Natural Health Magazine for his efforts.

John H. Gohde was flying high on the SERPs for Natural Health not too long ago. And, he had several days to take some neat screen pictures of the blessed event. 🙂

Taking a closer look at this legitimate screen shot of his, John noticed something truly remarkable. His temporary boost in ranking gave the Natural Health Magazine authority site status with a listing of six sitelinks. The Natural Health Magazine has not had authority site status either before or after John H. Gohde‘s recent boost in the SERPs.

Authority site status is dyamically generated by Google. And, John had added value to the Web when he somehow managed to have triggered this blessed series of events.

Ranked #4 for Natural Health out of 20 Million

Click to Expand: Ranked #4 out of 20 Million

Of course, John H. Gohde is still doing quite well in the SERPs. As he writes this post of his, John is once again ranked #5 for natural health in the SERPS. Google uses 100s of datacenters. And, It will take a few more weeks before John can determine just what his status is going to be.


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  1. The behavior of Google due to their use of 100s of datacenters appears to searchers who track SERPs to be quite erratic. One day I am #5, then the next I can just as easily be #7, #8, #9, or even #10.

    As long as the public perception of Google as being perfect exists, I am just going to have put up with this fluctuation nonsense for a few more weeks to see if my position in the SERPs becomes remotely stable. 😦

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