July 17, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shines

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Lets face it, the average John is just plain boring. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a lot more interesting to write about, muses John H. Gohde. With those knockout pictures of Jennifer, checking her SERPs is anything but boring, laughs Mr. Gohde.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a lot more interesting than a John would ever be.

Jennifer Love Hewitt As An Ordinary Person

Jennifer Love Hewitt As An Ordinary Person

John H. Gohde has noticed that there are a lot of pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt doing ordinary things floating around on the Internet.

We can see Jennifer:

  • Walking her dog
  • Walking her husband
  • Moving a Super Trash Can
  • Going Grocery Shopping
  • On the Checkout line
  • Talking on her cellphone
  • And so on …

Would a John be so interesting to look at? I hardly don’t think so, reports John H. Gohde.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as an ordinary person is almost unrecognizable in her pictures. Nothing about her really stands out, except for the fact that she is often aware of the photographer taking her picture. And, only goes to show you that the differences between being a Hollywood superstar and an ordinary person are so slight that they are hardly noticeable.

But John H. Gohde is glad to report that the differences between Jennifer Love Hewitt and the typical John are quite remarkable.


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