July 24, 2008

John H. Gohde – Not Bad for a 1990s Design

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John H. Gohde has made only one change to the home page of his main natural health website in two years. Now, it is ranking #2 or 3 in the SERPs. John had asked the SEOs at Google Webmaster Help for Webmasters what he needed to do to improve his ranking. And, got a lot of ludicrous recommendations. And, way too much negativity from those SEOs.

Those not very helpful SEOs told John that he needed to W3C Validate his site even though his home page validated perfectly. They told him that he needed to drop his 1990s webpage design and offer more eye candy. And, they either made a lot of other even more ludcious recommendations, or they offered no help whatsoever.

It took John H. Gohde making only one more additional change, which he did by following his own SEO advice, to move from the #11 to the #5 or #6 position in a field of 20+ million webpages. Any way you look at it, those SEOs failed misably at offering any meaningful SEO advice whatsoever.

John H. Gohde used mostly on-page SEO on his home page. John used on-site SEO by using appropriate anchor text on all of his internal links to his home page. What is positively true is that John has put absolutiely no effort whatsoever into acquiring external inbound links to his home page.

John H. Gohde‘s success in the SERPS on his natural health website proves just how effective Natural Organic on-page white hat Search Engine Optimization actually is.


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  1. Well, I am truly amazed. My ranking continues to go up. This afternoon at home, I am ranking #3 in the SERPs. And, It has gotten as high as #2 in the SERPs for natural health.

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