July 31, 2008

Far Too Many SEOs Are Just Plain Nasty

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Yes, SEO Trolls are a downright nasty bunch of people. Could it be because most of their paying clients are slimy low-lifes who only want to suck people dry of all their money with fraudulent business schemes? John H. Gohde asks: Could it be because most of them are NOT SEOs to begin with, but rather SEMs or glorified spammers?

Why is it that so much of what is out there in the so-called SEO World for our consumption is dealing with personal issues and the downright nastiness of SEOs, muses John H. Gohde?

These SEO Trolls are only capable of thinking in terms of link development, it would seem.

Take JR, for example. Post after post of his deals with links, and other link development issues. JR is constantly whining about links. But what does link development have to do with true SEO? John H. Gohde believes that it has close to nothing to do with SEO!!! While JR publicly pretends to be all White Hat, and in bed with Google, he is anything but innocent. And, the topics that he has chosen to write on in his SEO Blog clearly proves it.

Others have blamed this SEO nastiness on blogging, boredom and have described it as a feeding frenzy.

To quote one recent critic: “If you are blissfully unaware of the latest goings-on, I’ll let you stay blissfully unaware. I won’t link to any of the BS. I won’t summarize it all for you. You either have been slapped in the face by it, or you’re tip-toe’ing through the tulips without a clue.”

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