August 11, 2008

Laughing With Paris Is No Sin

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Everybody wants to be in a YouTube video, but at first glance Paris Hilton decided to throw her support to Funny Or Die. Paris released a campaign ad parody on Funny Or Die on August 5 2008, reports John H. Gohde. Do the Hiltons vote Republican or Democratic?

Comments on the Paris Hilton’s video have been all over the map. Paris was hilarious. The Paris Hilton video was not funny at all. Paris memorized her lines. Paris did this. Paris did that. Is Paris Hilton trying to stage a comeback, after doing a stint in jail? Paris Hilton’s energy plan goes to Congress. And, on and on it goes as Paris’s video is commented upon all over the media.

Just like one of Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show parodies, Paris Hilton announced her bid for the Presidency of the United States of America in a video that was produced by Adam McKay. It was all McKay’s idea. Paris actually had nothing to do with it. The introduction where a male voice talked about “in a time when dancing was a sin” gave it away as being a professionally produced parody. Yet, Paris is still getting most of the credit for the video.

The campaign ad spoof was the brainchild of Adam McKay, a former writer for Saturday Night Live. Who is well known for a number of his videos on Funny or Die.

It is a good thing that Paris did the video for free, considering how much mileage she is getting out of it in the media. Could Paris Hilton possibly vote Republican?

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