August 21, 2008

The Web is about Freedom and Free Stuff

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From its very inception, the great thing about the Web was that it was a place conducive to the free exchange of information. As technology started to progress the Internet became a place where anyone and everyone could get Free or nearly Free stuff. But, in modern times the Web is becoming increasingly commerical.

Listening to how some people talk, the Web is nothing put a place to grub as much money off of people as possible. I am sorry, but those people are the freaks rather than me. The Internet has always been a place that was designed to be conducive to the free exchange of information.

Free Stuff on the Web

Vast amounts of stuff is available to Web surfers free of charge for non-commercial personal use and enjoyment, even if the stuff is copyrighted.

  • Information in the form of text is free.
  • Dazzling graphics and images are free of charge for personal use and enjoyment.
  • Use of search engines is free
  • Downloads have always been free, even if some money grubbers are polluting the Web with offers for free downloads in order to trick people into thinking that they are offering freeware.
  • Software is free.
    • Freeware is software that has been released to the public domain for free. And is the origin of all freely distributed free software.
    • Open Source software projects are free software that is constantly being developed by hundreds of different software developers.
    • Commercial developers often distribute free versions of their software for non-commercial use.
    • Some software is just basically either given away for free or can be downloaded for free, like Web browsers and Blogs for example.
  • Audio can be played online for free even, if you cannot always download it for free.
  • Video can be watched online for free even if you cannot always save a copy of it on your computer.
  • The list of free stuff available on the Web seemingly goes on forever.

Freedom of the Web

The nature of the Web is Freedom. Web surfers always have had a choice as to where they want to travel on the web. Just because one website is being run by a bunch of money grubbing low-lifes does not mean that another website is not offering the same or nearly identical stuff for free.

As an example, John recently bought an used laser printer for a song at a computer fair. Thanks to the freedom of the free Web, he was able to download drivers and software for the printer that would make it work perfectly with his computer as the printer manufacturer originally designed it to be. John was, also,  able to download the official 138 page user manual for the printer. And, He was able to download a program that allowed him to both view online and print off a copy of the user manual for his printer that was in pdf format. Thanks to the free Web, John was able to do all of the above for free.

Just Say No!

Just say no to the money grubbers who want to commercialize the Web.

Just say no to the low-life slime grubbing money off of people with their Web pollution.


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