November 29, 2008

John Gets a SLR Camera

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John H. Gohde arrived at college with a real camera that was given to him by his brother.  It was a through a single lens reflex 35 mm camera, or SLR.  It was a really nice semi-professional grade camera with interchangeable lenses. It had a normal, wide-angle, and a medium 135 mm telephoto lens.

John’s brother was four years ahead of him in the education department.  When John entered High School, his brother was just entering college.  He majored in Forestry from a big well known university in New York state and took ROTC.  Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a college-based officer commissioning program.  Upon graduating college he was, thus, automatically sent to Vietnam as a 2nd Lieutenant. Back in those days he would have ended up being drafted upon graduation, anyway.

John H. Gohde got his dream camera

To make a long story short, John’s brother was able to purchase a lot of things very inexpensively overseas and bought him a Minolta SRT-101 with three different sets of lens.  John does not even remember the circumstances of the gift.  But, he probably received it for his birthday.

Upon entering college, John decided to try out for the cross-country team since he did a heck of a lot of running during high school in gym class.  That decision turned out to be a big mistake.  Instead of a steady progression in performance, John kept on getting worst and worst.  Yes, in the prime of his life, John’s legs ended up giving completely out.  He soon ended up dropping out of the cross-country team.  Things during his freshman year at college were really bad.  So bad in fact, that John H. Gohde could barely walk to class. A full recovery took more than several months to happen.

John H. Gohde Snaps Cross-Country Racing

Since John knew all the cross-country runners he decided that it would be a good time to practice taking pictures of them in action.  A race soon came up on a Saturday.  While all the other student photographers were lining up at the finish line, John thought that would make too boring of a picture.  Having ran the course many a time himself,  he knew just where a good picture taking spot would be.  So, he hobbled up a hill or two where there was a big bend in the road coming up a hill.

There John  H. Gohde patiently waited for the runners to arrive.   They were all surprised to see John there taking their pictures.  Being that his teammates were actually excellant runners, he was able to get some very dramatic looking photos of them leading the race.  John printed a bunch of them up in a 8 x 10 format and his cross-country teammates couldn’t get enough of them.  And, one of his photos from this race actually ended up in the college yearbook.



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