December 28, 2008

Casey Anthony Gone Bad

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The story of Caylee Anthony, deceased 3 year old, has been a tragedy all around. The cast of characters and the details of this case could go on forever. Something so totally unnecessary to begin with is resulting in tons of money being spent because of undeserving Casey Anthony while most other crime victims are being passed over almost completely by the news media.

Huge amounts of money have been spent by taxpayers and others because the Anthony family has not been cooperating with law enforcement. Call it pathological lying. Call it an interesting family dynamite. Call it not cooperating with police. Call it impeding a police investigation. Why is this nonsense being allowed to continue, asks John H. Gohde?

It is always about Caylee Anthony

A marshaling of the facts shows that the last time that Caylee was seen was on June 15th at an assisted living facility on Father’s Day. Kathi Belich, a reporter for WFTV, reported that “there was some sort of huge argument Father’s Day weekend.” In other words, there was some sort of a big fight in which more than one Anthony family member has failed to come clean on. The fate of Caylee was obviously sealed by that fight. And, the police should have been able to wrap up this case almost immediately had the Anthony family, as in plural, not impeded the crime investigation.

Then came Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter, who coughed up some $50,000 of his own money so that Casey Anthony could stay out of jail for not much more than one week. Padilla presumably was interested in the publicity being generated by the Nancy Grace show. And, presumably because of Leonard’s goading of bonding companies during the course of the Nancy Grace CNN Headline News show, two Florida jail bonding companies joined forces in order to come up with a second $50,000 used to bail Casey Anthony out of jail for yet another week. Why is really not very clear, since they clearly have not gotten nearly as much publicity out of the deal as Leonard Padilla has.

John H. Gohde says: Just think about it! Private citizens spent $100,000 of their own money on the undeserving Casey Anthony, without even batting an eye, just to keep her out of jail for two weeks. Just imagine the many different ways somebody could manage to blow $100,000 in a couple of weeks.

Then think of Tim Miller and his Equisearch efforts where thousands of people were looking in all the wrong places for the body of Caylee Anthony in Orlando, Florida. Undoubtedly Equisearch must have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their efforts, if not in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand or more.

Look at all the telephone hotlines, and costs associated with following up on tips when the Anthony family all along knew more than they were telling.

Just look at Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Anchor of her own show who has been relentlessly pounding on this news story for months and months. Shamelessly claiming breaking news while repeating the same information over and over again. No matter which side that they thought they were on, it was Nancy Grace’s way or the highway for guests of the CNN Headline News Nancy Grace Show. Nancy has been unbelievable rude to just about everybody on her show, at one time or another. Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Anchor, master of making tons of money for CNN on the tragedies of other people milked the Caylee Anthony tragedy for all it was worth and then some while totally ignoring most other victims of crime during the same time period.



  1. Deborah said,

    I believe the grandmother and grandfather, and also Lee were convinced that Caylee was alive. Shame on you for implying that they knew Caylee was dead….yes you did imply that.

  2. C said,

    I would have to agree.

  3. Hilde said,

    Very good Blog John.
    You summed this Case up in a Nut Shell.
    I agree with You.
    This Case has gotten out of Hand from the Beginning.
    Law Enforcement tried to do their Job while Everybody interfered with the Investigation and by doing so wasted precious Time and a lot of Money.
    Caylee, who is the real Victim got lost in all that Mess and Greed by so many who used that Case to become famous through the Media.
    I must admit, I was drawn to the Case from the Beginning because that precious little Caylee, I just couldn’t understand why her Mother acted the Way she did and her whole Family didn’t make any Sense. All the Lies and Bailouts just frustrated me to no End. All I wanted was Justice for that little Girl.
    I also watched Nancy Grace everyday and was thankful that she covered this Case, but as time went on I also got frustrated with her always saying Breaking News, Bomb Shell, well it really wasn’t new News, it seems like she repeated the
    same News often.
    Leonard Padilla start getting on my Nerve too after a while with his Theories, he is just guessing like the Rest of us. We don’t know what really happened to Caylee, only her Mom knows that and she is and has not talked.
    I do have Faith in LE and FBI I feel they are the only ones who are interested in getting to the Truth and will make Casey Anthony responsible for what happened to her Daughter through all the Evidence they have.
    It’s just a Shame it had to become such a Circus
    and I have a Feeling it is by far not over yet.
    Will Caylee ever get her Justice, I sure hope so.

  4. hola said,

    Love the way you summed it all up and I agree with all you wrote!!!

  5. Diana said,

    I believe the only real tragedy hear is, not how much money was spent to find Caylee or how Nancy Grace was covering the story,(though I thought she did a fantastic job, even though sometimes it broke her heart), but a beautiful little girl is dead at the hands of her own mother.
    I believe that her grandparents truly believed that this child was alive and could not think that their daughter would ever hurt the child. They must be absolutely devastated!! They lost the granddaughter that they adored, not to mention that their only daughter is responsible for this.

    I think these people deserve our sympathy and condolences, not our criticism.

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