December 30, 2008

Police Botched Caylee Anthony Investigation

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The skeletal remains of a small child were found one-quarter mile from the Anthony home exactly where Caylee’s remains should have been found all along. Everything about the discovery of the little girl’s body by a meter reader is extremely fishy, starting with the fact that the same person to the day reported spotting a suspicious bag back in August.

Caylee Anthony sensing that something is wrong.

Caylee Anthony sensing that something is wrong.

Due to the inept police investigation, Casey’s defense team now has all manner of ways for introducing reasonable doubt. Why would anybody make the exact same report of a suspicious bag on August 11, 12th, and 13th unless they already knew precisely what was in the bag? Then totally fail to hook up with the police at the crime scene? And then again on December 11th, amazingly find the body. There is also the issue of whether somebody moved the body or planted it there after the area was previously searched by police.

Can the meter reader be linked to Lee Anthony, Caylee’s uncle? Did Lee dispose of the body rather than Casey? And, will the police be able to explain how the body suddenly turned up after the area previously had been searched? Or, did the police simply botched finding the body completely?

The Area Was Dry

Tim Miller, Equisearch, reported that he had called off his search due to flooding from hurricane Fay. While a lot of embarrassed police investigators would like to mislead the public into believing that the area was flooded, hurricane Fay was reported to have made landfall near Naples, Florida in the early hours of August 19 and progressed northeast through the Florida peninsula, emerging into the Atlantic Ocean near Melbourne on August 20. Hence, from the time that Caylee was first reported missing to after the last tip had been made by the meter reader the area in question was quite dry.

Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Anchor of her own show, started out spending weeks ridiculing just how stupid the Anthony family was for failing to realize that all their telephone conversations with Casey were being taped. Could the Anthony’s have been playing everyone like a fiddle, methodically implementing a master plan to establish reasonable doubt while the police continued to bungle their investigation? Did Casey managed after all to make a fool out of Nancy Grace?

Speaking of inept police investigations, out of sympathy for Caylee’s grandparents, John H. Gohde asks: How many trips to the Anythony residence do the police need to make before they finally get the job done right? Are the police investigators being paid by taxpayers to be just a bunch of amateurs winging it as they bumble along? Or, are they trained professionals who know precisely what they are supposed to be doing? They took four vacuum cleaners in December. Gee, wasn’t it obvious that Casey must have used a vacuum to clean out the car trunk back in July?

John H. Gohde may be stupid but shouldn’t the evidence collected by police in December have been collected way back in July when the crime scene first existed? The evidence collected in December will never stand up in a court of law, upon a good cross-examination by Casey’s defense.

As hot as it obviously had been in Florida, had the body been recovered on August 11th it would have been entirely possible that a much more precise mechanism of death could have been determined from Caylee’s remains.

From the location of where the body finally turned up, it appears to have been practically dumped along the side of the road only a few blocks from the Anthony residence. Rather than being some kind of a genius, Casey Anthony as would have been expected appears to have been in reality totally inept at disposing of Caylee’s body.

John can only wonder why an even cursory search for the body on July 15th when the Sheriff’s Office was first notified that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9th would not have turned up the body almost immediately.



  1. Jill from Western Australia said,

    Sri…totally botched investigation…hope you are able to indict Casey!

  2. C said,

    Nice points John!

  3. stacy said,

    The area was UNDER WATER, remember?There were attempts to search by not only law enforcement but concerned individuals as well.(see johninfloridas’ blog on wordpress)Yes, LE could’ve looked more throughly;they were getting all kinds of tips from every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, too, and still trying to do their regular jobs….

  4. No the flooding took place after August 11, 12, and 13th.

    The police claimed to have investigated those leads. On one day, a police officer was scared away by a poisonous snake. On yet another day, they said that they had found nothing. Thus, the land at the time of the leads and before was perfectly dry.

    I have revised the post to reflect this information.

  5. Molly said,

    Kronk was originally sending LE to an area nearby where the remains were found. Not the same exact site.

  6. It is getting to look more and more like the Anthony case is ending up with Simpson at the murder trial. The police took the evidence home and broker the chain of custody on it. If the evidence is tampered with it is useless to try to get a conviction against the person. The body of Caylee is in question if it was in the same spot for that period of time from August to December, 2008 which makes it difficult to indict anyone if no one knows where it was and if people moved it around which also breaks the chain of custody of the evidence.
    Marilyn Bloch

  7. I agree that Casey Anthony is going to end up having an OJ Simpson farce of a murder trial. The only difference is that somehow this spectacle is going to take place even though Casey has no money.

  8. […] of which could have been avoided had only the police not bungled the investigation from the get go. Who is the party most responsible for this colossal waste of time and money? Who […]

  9. vonnia said,

    How refreshing to find someone who does their own research and thinking, instead of robotically marching in step with the lynch mob mentality which too often surrounds this case.

    Thoughtful, well researched and well written.

    Kudos, John.

  10. Jayann said,

    Kronk’s actions and police bungling may be enough for Casey to walk. All she needs is for one person to have reasonable doubt and they will be unable to convict her. In any case, I don’t think we will ever know what really happened to poor little Caylee.

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