January 12, 2009

Casey Anthony: Family Dynamics

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A pathological liar like Casey Anthony is simply not created overnight in a vacuum. It is the end result of being raised in a dysfunctional family environment. Her parents Cindy and George Anthony enabled Casey to use lying as an effective coping mechanism. For Casey, lying was how she managed to deal with an impossible situation that was created by her parents.

Lee Anthony – First Born

Lee Anthony, Casey’s older brother grew up seemingly unscathed from his childhood experience. Being a boy he was treated differently from Casey. Cindy and George treated their first child harshly, like most boys are raised and pretty much ignored him as a child as they really wanted a girl. Most certainly, they did not let Lee get away with lying to them. Since both Lee and Casey seem to be rather close, they apparently bounded with each other at an early age as a way to cope with their parents. As the older child, Lee has always tried to protect Casey.

Casey Anthony – became a middle child late in life

Upon Casey’s arrival Cindy and George immediately cuddled her, since they finally got the beautiful girl that they had always wanted. Cindy and George Anthony were both busy professionals who spent less time at home then ever before while Casey Anthony was growing up. Cindy was a nurse, while George was a police detective. Having the wherewithal, they immediately spoiled Casey with material possessions in an attempt to make up for them being absent from Casey’s home life most of the time.

Casey grew up dealing with a caretaker during the day. Since her parents were usually absent it was pretty easy for Casey to please them with lies at the beginning. And, as a female her parents gladly let her get away with it most of the the time.

In short, for most of her life Casey was the center of attention of Lee, Cindy and George Anthony. Obviously, Cindy wore the pants in the Anthony Family. As George was always at work, he simply gave up long ago and let Cindy rule the family in order to keep his marriage afloat.

But something really had to be different about this particular dysfunctional family. As Casey got older her parents always demanded too much out of Casey. And, in order to cope with an impossible situation Casey simply told her parents whatever they wanted to hear because what was true would never have been good enough for them.

With children it is never do as they say, but always do what their parents actually did. So, I would expect that everybody in the Anthony family, most of all Cindy, routinely lied to each other.

Father’s Day June 15th was originally not the last day that Cindy reported seeing Caylee. During a bond hearing in July, Cindy Anthony claimed that the home video of Caylee reading a book helped her remember that Caylee went with her to visit her father on Father’s Day. This is evidence of pathological lying on the part of Cindy. If a big fight took place on Father’s Day that resulted in the death or disappearance of your beloved granddaughter there is simply no way in the world that you are going to forget about it. I simply refuse to believe Cindy. A fight important enough for Casey to murder her own daughter over was certainly dramatic enough for Cindy to remember it.

Thus Casey grew up being the center of attention in a family of lairs. She was spoiled rotten by them. Never did well in school. And, had a hard time working real jobs where everyone expects results.

Caylee Anthony enters the picture

Then Casey had an accident on purpose called the birth of Caylee Anthony.

At first everything worked out well as she once again became the center of attention. Cindy then refused to let Casey give up Caylee. Soon Casey realized that her parents were more interested in Caylee than in her. As Caylee grew up, she started bossing Casey around. Casey had left her daughter one too many times with her mother Cindy while she went out partying. And Cindy easily convinced Caylee that she was her real mother and not Casey.

Then on Father’s Day June 15th, Cindy crossed the line too far. And, Casey outwardly exploded loudly voicing her frustrations rather than passively lying. And tragically took out her frustrations upon the most innocent of all: Caylee .



  1. Hilde said,

    John You might have a Point with Your Observation.

    At the same time a Murder of an innocent Child
    occurred and no Theory of what lead to the Murder
    justifies killing a Human Being in this Case Caylee
    Marie Anthony not even 3 yrs old at the time she was murdered.

    There are a lot of very dysfunctional Families out
    there and they don’t resort to killing their own Child.
    Dysfunction doesn’t justify Murder!
    Bottom Line You do the Crime, You do the Time.

    • Jonna Johnson said,

      Yes they do…it happens ALL THE TIME. Toxic mothers force their daughters to abort by using any and all means -who knows daughter best? , boyfriends and husbands beat their children born or in the womb, mothers put their 6 week old babies in the microwave, and turn it on! We the united states have become dysfunctional. This last generation is taking the brunt of the beating, becoming victims, continuing the torture onto their children. At least the children suffer less and are taken out young or in the womb instead of living a emotionally and mentally abused existence. The toxic relationships need to stop. Unfortunately it will not stop. People want power, control, ‘freedom’, sex, and anger. Only after someone gets hurt are they ‘sorry’. The damage runs deep and is continuous. It has reached us all. We are hurt, betrayed, feel no trust, lost “who I am, and we are angry. The stagnant 20. The next 20 years will be the years of extremes. No gray area or middle ground.

  2. ball_breakin_moon said,

    John…I believe you hit it right on the head. How do you think George fits into the Anthony family dynamics? Is he an enabler, or just a pitiful, brow-beaten wuss?

  3. brow-beaten wuss 😦

    I would not doubt at all that George is, also, a liar. I bet that he has lied about his job history. A big reason that Cindy wears the pants is because she is probably the bread winner for the family.

    Women have been fighting for their rights over the years. Well, this family is the perfect example of just how wrong female leadership can be.

    This little monster did not come out of nowhere overnight. Casey was slowly created and nurtured by Cindy, and enabled by George. Any normal family would have stepped on Casey’s selfishness and put an end to it a dozen or more years ago.

    Both Cindy and George are going to be very hard pressed to hold down a job in Orlando, thanks to their little angel, Casey.

    • socalledwomensrightsfighter said,

      “This family is the perfect example of just how wrong female leadership can be”

      That is such an ignorant comment. What about all the other psychopaths raised in your ideal male led house. Do you say the same thing then?

      Did you grow up in a male led household? Well THAT is an example of how wrong male leadership can be, produces egotistical male children who thinks their sh@t smells better than others.

  4. Jenna said,

    I agree with some of what you say. I really have an intense dislike of Cindy. It seems like all the truths that she said in the beginning, like the raw 911 call has been replaced with nothing but lies, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, etc. She seems sort of mean spirited, was quite nasty with that grandmother in her emails, Lois the one that tried to get a restraining order against her. She has no problem attacking those who she thinks will help to put Casey in jail for life. Like Leonard Padilla, Tim Miller of Equisearch, FBI, police, etc.

    Cindy lies easily, frequently & effortlessly plus she seems to have a smug demeanor, especially when she was wasting time running around in that ‘Help Find Caylee Alive’ Van. She’s known since July, the day she smelled the horrible stench of Caylee’s decomposing body that Casey murdered her grand daughter & the 911 call that followed was honest with real emotion.

    Everything that followed has been a big fat lie & the only ones buying it or George, Lee & cindy, not even them really, because they also know it’s a cover up. Why won’t they come clean, wouldn’t that be a first step to healing and lifting the heavy burden of all that vile stuff & pain they feel.

  5. Jenna said,

    I don’t know, would a pitiful brow beaten wuss throw his father through a plate glass window? That’s what Cindy’s brother Rick Plesea says George did while he worked at his father’s Auto Dealership in Ohio some years ago.

    He reportedly had the balls to still instist Casey was innocent in his ‘suicide note’. When I heard that the tiny bit of sympathy I had for George went out the window. This former cop knows what a dead body smells like, he smelled his precious grand daughter’s decomposing body in Casey’s car trunk. You don’t get to back peddle on such an important piece of evidence, say it was bad pizza & expect anyone to think you are nothing more than a lying cover up agent for your no good little tramp daughter who’s now the murderer of your grandchild.

    Caylee never had a chance with these pathetic bunch. If he loved Caylee he’d step up & start telling the truth, everything else would fall into place. The lies are what’s eating at him. I don’t think the lies bother cindy much, she’s a pro at it.

  6. That is the first time that I have heard of George throwing anyone through a plate glass window. If true, violence runs in the Anthony family. And, Casey would have been well aware of it.

  7. Marsha Prollock said,

    I feel bad for George. Rather than divorce his psychopathic wife, and I think,have to testify w/ the prosecution that he is,convinced that casey really did kill her child, he would rather take his own life….wouldnt want to be in the media spotlight, married to a woman like cindy, and fully convinced that his daughter is guilty with every eye in america and abroad watching every single step of this tragety… Does anyone know, for a fact, if george anthony is lee and casey’s biological father?? On one newscast, they referred to george as a “step dad, raised both from babies though”. one other time, it was said that he “adopted both” since the real father has never been in either kids lives? what can I say??rumors media geez

  8. Marsha Prollock said,

    Lets face it, every household family life in this friggin world’s middle name is “dysfunctional”, and dysfunctional familys dont think they are dysfunctional…..(get my point…) i just have one question about George Anthony…..Is he Casey and Lees “biological” father??? Media has referred to him as “steop father since they were babies” and/or he legally “adopted both” since cindys ex ==the kids father, has never been in their lives EVER. So can anyone out there, please find out for me

  9. Marsha Prollock said,

    Children are reflections of their parents. FACT. With my daughter i praise her for her accomplishments as well as intentions. I support her in everthing from self esteem, school, clicks at school, boys just everything. i listen and she is a confident, secure 11th grader for that. Casey is the way she is for reasons no one -knows for a FACT. i originally thought that George would be the one that would truthfully answer questions because he wasnt going to “sugar coat any half truths just becaise his wife digging her own hole.. I know this much, when my pizza is old, its hard as a rock and is more frisbie worthy than rotten. everyone knows that its flies that are attracted to decomp. carcasses then the maggots hatch after a certain incubation time. He basically knew instinctively, just what happened to caylee…I think that he cose to basically sit back, and let Cindy do the talking the defending, knowing that in his heart, cindy knew too. Sometimes people will accept whats told them, even if their gut instinct tells them differently. Some people have to have it shoved in their face as truth, and still say “but what if….” those people lose respect from everybody because sometimes , ya just have say ” your a liar, and i am done. PEACEOUT!!! WHO KNOWS.. She is guilty, I thnk she acted alone, and out of spite for cindy. in her head, she probably justified by ” dont worry mom, i wont ask you to help me with caylee EVER AGAIN, IN FACT i would rather her be dead, than allow you to call my child “yours practically” or tell me NOT ONE MORE TIME…that i am a horrible mother unlike you and what a good mom does or doesnt do…..” the ultimate revenge to the very person that she was in conflict with much of her life…Now whose the better mother bitch??? i dont think that Casey had any problem at all with permanently putting her child “to bed”… (makes my stomach hurt…)

  10. Linda said,

    I have been folllowing this case from the beginning. Caycee is a troubled woman who came from a troubled family. She was forced to become a sociopath who lived a lie. Her parents put her first until her child came along then the baby was number one. This caused her to go into survival mode. She didn’t mean to kill her daughter but it happen. I can not say how but in a panic she diposed the body close to her home wrapping her in a comforter from her own room and placed a heart shaped sticker over her mouth. She didn’t tell anyone because she removed herself from the entire situation and took the time to party and try to come up with a answer why Caylee was missing once her parents put her to the test. The stories started spinning out of the control. Where she worked, Caylee’s nanny, what am I going to say at trial as to why Caylee was found dead. When your normal mind set is that of lying it is not hard to continue to spin this tale you have surrounded yourself with. A sociopath believes in their lies. Just as we believe in the truth. Her parents may also have some sociopathic tendencies where their daughter may have picked up the tendencies. All I can say God Bless them all and everyone who has gone through this tragedy. May little the little girl have peace and know that she was loved by so many she will never meet.

  11. KC said,

    You’ve left out one very important and logical possibility–that Casey Anthony suffers from a biological mental disorder. Since neither George nor Cindy Anthony is a professional psychologist/psychiatrist, they dealt with this problem child the best way they knew how and sadly, it didn’t work.

    If you find this hard to believe, then you’ve never been exposed to a child with a personality disorder. I have, and let me assure you that this young woman fits it to a tee. Everything…the outrageous pathological lies, stealing, scheming, complete lack of remorse…are all classic symptoms of a PD and have nothing to do with upbringing and everything to do with genetics.

    Maybe YOU would be frantic if you haven’t seen your child in a month, or found out she was stealing gasoline from your garage, or boyfriend hopping, but you haven’t raised a child with a severe mental illness. It is so obvious that these parents have been coping with this behavior for so many years that they’ve learned not to panic because the truth would eventually come out. We’ve all heard about her antics since the story broke…I’m sure you could write a book about all of her antics before this tragedy happened. She’s a liar but not a very good one.

    Second, neither George nor Cindy Anthony are seasoned media professionals. Why do you think celebrities have publicists and writers and coaches? So they don’t stick their feet in their mouths and unintentionally come off looking like monsters, dingbats, nuts, etc. One day this couple was Mr. & Mrs. Completely Anonymous, and the next they were on every TV station in the world. How do you act? How are you supposed to act?

    They know full well that their daughter is mentally ill and had something to do with the granddaughter’s death, but it’s obvious that they are finding out along with the rest of us about the details of Casey’s secret life. It’s also obvious that despite the fact that she killed their beloved grandchild, either intentionally or unintentionally, they still love their daughter.

    So many of these bloggers are actually “angry” that these parents still love their daughter. Ask yourself what you would do if you found out your own child was guilty of a heinous crime…could you turn the spigot off and throw them under the bus?

    Maybe you could. These parents cannot.

    • Zoe_Carlyle said,

      A personality disorder is learned behavior by definition, (not “genetic” or “biological”).

    • Susie said,

      I agree with your post! Very well stated.
      As a social worker with a mental health background, i however believe that most personality disorders are rooted in some significant trauma history rather than a biological/genetic predisposition -that’s my take.

      • Niss said,

        As someone with a personality disorder, I have to part way agree with both, yet also disagree:

        -Mental illness is often defined with the fact that chemicals aren’t “right” in the brain=biological, not genetic.

        -Everyone on my biological father’s side of the family has/had a mental illness such as bipolar, depression, also abusive/alcoholic parents. On my mother’s side the only thing anyone had was anxiety(including aunts, uncles, grandparents). My father and his family was completely not a part of my life after I was two. [I have depression, a personality disorder and I have to say that my life was pretty normal: grew up never experiencing anything that had to do with abuse, alcohol, drugs, crime.
        -My mother was loving and never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want to do, she just wanted me to be happy-the sports and instruments I played were completely my choice. She was and still is the best mom anyone could want.(only slight anxiety)
        – I had a father figure starting at about 5 years old-he adopted me and was pretty much my father. Other being careful with money being strict when it came to boys, he was also pretty close to the perfect dad.(no mental illness)
        -I also have an older sister. Neither of us were favorites.(bipolar and anxiety)

        In conclusion, while experiences that you have in your life do very much create who you are, genetics and biology(not everyone is born “perfect”) mixed in with it can make a pretty messed up person even if both the experiences and biology are mild irregularities/problems.

        • Don’t blame it on your genes!!! It is the biology of that horribly bad junk food diet that you have been eating all your life. It is called the mind – body connection. The food that you eat positively affects how your brain functions, how you feel, your moods, and how you behave.

          It is NOT your genetics, it is your Diet!

    • Warren said,

      KC, having read your piece on the Anthony family, I think you have hit the nail on the head as far as the most plausible assessment of Casey’s mental state is concerned. Also, George and Cindy’s methods of dealing with the trajedy were also objectively addressed and presented some real-life fodder for those searching for answers in this sad event.

      This said, I still firmly believe Casey should have been convicted of manslaughter. The curcumstantial evidence was overwhelming in this regard.

      You are an excellent writer.

      North Vancouver, BC Canada

  12. Amanda said,

    I also heard in the beginning of all this a few years ago, that George was NOT Casey’s biological father (but he had raised her as his own). Yet, that now seems to have been swept under the rug. Is it true or not??? Could be relevant to the defense.

    • Valerie said,

      Amanda – I agree with you – this question about George being Casey Step father is not being address at all – I heard the same thing and have been on the internet trying to find the answer and no one wants to reply and/or address this. I belive what they said in the beginning, George raised them both because their real dad wasn’t in their life, however, why hasn’t the real dad come forward, now that would be interesting – I am going to keep looking for this answer.

  13. Helen said,

    What a bunch of garbage you have written here. Casey having a ‘caretaker’ while Cindy was working doesn’t a liar or horrible person make.
    So what Cindy was the strong one in the family. That doesn’t make her a bad person. I don’t see anything in the family history that shows that. As for babying the baby Casey, just buying her things but working a lot doesn’t make the kid a liar.
    Of course, Cindy didn’t want to believe her daughter could kill her own kid. Of course, she would try not to let things lead in that direction.
    Casey started being a brat when she was in her teenage years as do many teenagers. She wanted to do what she wanted to do and that’s why she turned to lying.
    You guys have it all wrong here blaming it on a dysfunctional family. It wasn’t.

    • Sorry, but I believe in a rational world. Things just don’t happen. Everything thing happens for a reason. The 06/24/2011 trial testimony pretty much supports what I had written here over a year ago. These people are just one screwed up family, the well spring of which is clearly Cindy. If Caylee did in fact die accidentally, Cindy’s inability to deal with reality can be used to explain virtually everything that the defense is claiming. Here comes that dysfunctional juror. 😦

      The only thing that I can add to it, is that I am going to bet that this dysfunctional family ate on a regular basis a horrendously bad American Junk Food diet.

  14. AMANDA said,

    Oh goodness, please get real!! Does not matter what, she was a drunk and a drug user and wanted to party, she was smashed and her daughter was to blame that she could not do what she wanted to do and her mother was pissed because she had to take care of her all of the time! She wanted mom to not have to deal with her “mistakes” and was pissed, so in her crazy mind she decided that everyone would be happy if she discarded the problem. She could party and be the slut she wanted to be and mom would not have anymore say so about it. There you go, end of discussion. She was just a piece of shit!! Poor mom and dad trying to take care of the grandbaby as so many mom and dad’s do these days for stupid immature adults that have children.
    So so sad. Rot in hell you baby killer!!!!

  15. Kmiller said,

    Amanda and the rest of you who share her “opinion”- You sound like a Nazi witch hunter. Have you had a day of education past 6th garde? You are OBVIOUSLY well conditioned by the irresponsible media who has covered this case and lived well off the blood money for 3 years now. I’m sure your favorite “journalist” is Nancy Dis-Grace. She has been reporting on “phamtom evidence” and false claims that have been clearly descredited by EVIDENCE, and she and most others still ignore it. I guess the story of an evil mother who kills her baby in cold blood is a heck of alot more interesting to read about than what else may have happened. If this trial had not yet started, I would not judge you as harshly, but now that it is being made.perfectly clear that even though we dont yet know exactly what happened, it do not happen the way most of us thought. needless to say I strongly believe we will know by the end of this trial.

    I am sick and tired of being accused of supporting a “baby killer” and of the thinking that it ok to kill babies. Just because I support the theory of innocent until proven guilty. Our country is founded on the rights and freedoms that allow things like a fair trial. My husband and I have served 16 active military years, and we like to think that all the fellow service members who have been lost and all of the children who have lost their parents did not do it all in vain.

    My husband and I have 4 sons who we love very much. They are from the ages of 15 down to 18 months. I wake up every morning greatful to God for another day with them.. I know what it is to love a child. We teach them to be of open minds and non judgemental. The fact that you wish another person to rot in hell leads me to question your mental stability, as well as, the fact that you continuosly speak of Casey Anthony as if you know her personally. Do you also call the Stars on your favorite Soap Opera by their Character names when you speak of them in real life?

    The public continues to yell, “justice for Caylee”!!! I dont get how it would do Caylee any justice to wrongly convict her mother of killing her and possibly letting her REAL killer go free. How can you convict someone based on something you assume to be true, from what you heard. By the end of this trial, you and many, many others will need a knife and fork,, get ready to EAT CROW!!

    And by the way, the fact that you refer to Casey Anthony as a SLUT clearly indicates to me that you are probably unattractive, and have jealousy issues with those of us whom are very attractive and receive alot of male attention.

    • Roxanna said,

      Just because someone is attractive and receives lots of male attention doesn’t mean they have to sleep around with every guy that comes their way. Besides, lots of women are sluts that aren’t the least bit attractive – easy is all it takes.

  16. Valerie said,

    No matter what they say the mother or father did or didn’t do, I believe Casey killed her child and this could all be over if Casey just told the truth in the beginning, but no, she has choosen to drag this out and take her chances in court – The defense PLEASEis trying to make us believe because the whole family is a lair that her dad did it, PLEASE remember that they didn’t get involved until Casey wouldn’t let her mother she her child and it went down hill from there – They as parents are not trying to cover their tracks and save their child, would I, don’t know, but if they find out that all of their lies cost the state of FL Millions for this trail then they should be arrested and put in jail, you see Casey brother isn’t trying to lie at this point but I believe he did in the beginning – just my thought on this subject.

  17. Siobhan said,

    Walk in those parents shoes. Must be like hell. These parents are no more “dysfunctional” than typical parents trying to raise a family. There is something terribly wrong with this young woman’s brain..some structural abnormality. I have four grown children. One decided to cut us all off with no reason, then lied to her new
    found family, her boyfriend’s family, claiming she was mistreated, abused and neglected as a child.Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our other three remain a part of our lives. My grandmother on my father’s side had a daughter who cut off all contact with them. I never even met her so it’s not as if she had any direct influence on my daughter. I believe there is some mental illness that can cause a child to detach emotionally and care about noone but himself even when parents have done their best. Casey Anthony killed her daughter. It is unfair to say that the parents are responsible. They did not commit murder. They are devastated. It’s clear they have love for their daughter too. This would be any parent’s worse nightmare. Casey shows no emotion and does not care about anyone but herself. She has no remorse. She is willing to blame her parents in order to escape punishment. My heart breaks for everyone involved in this tragic situation..especially that innocent little girl. Casey Anthony is mentally ill. If there’s anyone to blame, let’s start with our government that places mental health research and programs for the mentally ill as a very low priority, Parents cannot be expected to know how to help a child when there is so little understanding about normal/abnormal behavior. So much that is chalked up to normal adolescent behavior is really red flag behavior but once a child becomes an adult (and the behavior doesn’t stop as it is should, it is often too late.

  18. makes you think, a lot about the dynamics of this web of lies. WOW i think lying is an illness in itself. The murder is a product of the life style Casey lead, feeling entitled to do anything to accommodate her own plans. was it an accident? initially maybe. She’d much rather be a liar than someone who blew it.

  19. Helen said,

    1) Casey was in charge of Caylee at the time of her death.
    2) Casey was the only one who benefitted from her death.

    1) Before Casey killed her daughter, there were no police records on anyone in the family.
    2) There were no drug problems.
    3) There were no forclosed homes.
    4) Neither of the Anthony children had juvie sealed records.
    5) Neither of the children were kicked out of school.
    6) No alcoholics in the family.
    7) No physical or mental abuse found in the family.
    8) The home was well kept.
    9) Children were not undernourished or unclean.
    10) Parents worked.
    Everything else is just nonsense.

    • Jonna Johnson said,

      That list means nothing. Rich neighborhoods have well kept secrets. What happens behind closed doors stays in the hearts and are painted as bruises on the bodies of those within. Coming from a rich and what turns out to be a very corrupt county… even though our parents or our friends parents did not have drug convictions, where did we get our drugs? Even though child services turned their backs on us because our parents had the gift of gab or extra spending money. Just because mommy called it “social drinking” and daddy took that alcohol class and had to pay 30K for hitting a car while drinking and driving but blamed it on someone slipping something into his drink and having a diabetes problem. luckily mommy was friends with the judges wife. Just because the teachers did not care enough and the truant office uses students who accept the absent ‘parent’ letters. Just because a parent works a bullshit job pushing papers or selling crap products or selling and pushing the prices of inflated houses that led to an eventual disaster. Keep your eyes tightly shut, and maybe when you choose to open them you will be lucky enough to pick the right time when we have actually decided to fix these dysfunctions and learn the meanings of love, life, and family. All i know is if we keep closing our eyes, tapping our heels, and saying theres no place like home we have to outcomes, but only one possible outcome.

  20. Lillian Zee said,

    Bunch of hogwash. Go look at children in malls and supermarkets and see a bunch of rowdy children. Nowadays the parents are afraid to
    even spank a child. and most of the children are spoiled brats.
    Their parents appease them to shut them up. So if the dysfunctional
    family is responsible then there would be mass murderers.

    She was born bad and will continue to be bad. She will be scorned wherever she goes from now on and rightfully so.

  21. Dee Colonese said,

    Dee says, wow. I have heard so many different views I can’t even wrap my head around them anymore. My view is that George and Cindy knew early on what their monster daughter did to poor little Caylee and so started the cover-up. We know Cindy lied on the stand and George intentionally made himself look so not credible it was really pathetic to watch. This was the plan all along to get their daughter off death row never believing Casey would not be found guilty of at least a lesser charge than 1st degree murder. Now they will have to bear the guilt of this evil being walking the streets without justice for Caylee.These parents are guilty of 3 things, enable, enable, and more enabling. Now this bad seed will walk the earth and suck everyone she comes in contact with into her black hole vortex that lies in her chest where a heart is suppossed to be. Casey has no heart and no soul, just a big black hole. We must believe that like OJ, she will someday, somewhere screw up and do something that will put her back in jail where she will hopefully rot till she dies and then after death will rot in hell for all eternity and there she will stay with Satan himself.

    • Or, she might meet up with somebody with psychopathic leanings while out in the public. Just like being on America’s Most Wanted, she will be very hard pressed to resume any type of a party lifestyle.

  22. Jasline said,

    This is not even the real story.

  23. Anonymous Again said,

    Somebody just find out and tell us- Someone HAS to know, and it could answer some very important questions!!!: Who is Casey Anthony’s biological father? Who is Lee Anthony’s biological father?
    Who is Caylee’s biological father? Somewhere I read that George and Cindy Anthony have been married for 21 years. So is George really her biological father, or just Lee’s?
    Casey is 25 years old. And Lee is older than her- so?????
    I also read that Cindy Anthony has been married 3 times.

    Why the big secret about Caylee’s biological father? Does Casey just not KNOW who the father is, or is naming the father even more shameful? That’s WHY I want to know if Lee is her biological brother, and if George is her biological father. The way I figure it, Casey must have been around 19 when she had Caylee. What does a 19 year old in that position have to hide? She didn’t want child support? She didn’t even try to figure out who the father was? Or she knew, and “COULDN’T” tell. Why are they calling George the stepfather at times? There are alot of secrets in this family.

    Also, Casey- a high school drop out…….SHE alone rigged up this “perfect murder?” NO WAY!!!!! Something is amiss about George. Get on line and look him up- violent past, schemer, stealing money from Caylee’s search fund and elsewhere- from his own family, I believe. And who better to help Casey with disposing of a body and getting away with it- a former policeman? And what if he IS her stepfather……… maybe HE could be Caylee’s father. All wild conjecture, of course, but why not? We aren’t getting answers to very simple questions. Maybe some of these answers would provide the prosecutors with a better motive to get rid of Caylee. True, it’s sick, but then again what we already know for a fact is quite sick too. Does anybody Really know anything about this “family?”

  24. maybe said,

    Casey reminds me of border line personality and this usually brought on by something tramatic. In the testimonies of the friends they say that casey always had caylee and she did not like leaving them with her parents. And the only reason everyone believes casey was jealous is bc of cindy’s letter on my space. Also everyone believes that casey is teaching caylee to say kill when she is in the high chair, but has anyone thought that maybe caylee was starting to talk and was telling casey something and she was wanting to get it on recorder and that is why she didnt say anything back to caylee bc she didnt want to get accused of leading caylee into saying that. George could have started to see this all unfold. We really dont know. But its not uncommon for a child who is getting molested by someone to not tell anyone especially when its from the father and is being control.

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