January 31, 2009

Octuplets Born to Single Mom of Six

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Six boys and two girls were were recently born to a mom who already has six children. The 33-year-old mother, Nadya Suleman, has been reported to be obsessed with having children since she was a teenager by her own mother. Nadya simply prefers not to be married.

The Southern California resident gave birth to octuplets this week in Whittier, California. Crushing medical costs are often expected to follow high-multiple births over the lifetime of the children. Costs in the million dollar plus range for octuplets is entirely possible. It is expected that these six boys and two female babies will be spending at least the next several weeks in the hospital.

The way John H. Gohde understands the situation: Nadya Suleman, as a women with reproductive rights, simply wanted another child. The young fertile mother was not conceiving fast enough. What this single mom wanted, our perfect society was all too happy to provide to her with a smile; with no hard questions being asked.

Hard Questions Raised by Octuplets

John H. Gohde asks: Who is going to pay for all of this? Insurance or Society? Maybe insurance, but who in the end pays the premiums for health insurance? Thanks to these large multiple birth moms who have a right to have big families, everyone should be expecting to be crushed in the near future by a major jump in their health insurance premiums. It is a sure bet that over the lifetimes of the octuplets society in the end will be paying for their problems, one way or the other. Are these octuplets likely to be exceptionally gifted? Or, are they more likely to be problematic throughout their lives, asks John H. Gohde?

Octuplets Will Save Their House

A friend of the mother claimed that Nadya has enough money to raise 14 children. And, that she is not on welfare. Yet, Nadya lives with her mother who reportedly filed for bankruptcy last March, but had her case dismissed. The grandmother’s liabilities were reported to be $981,371. If Nadya was sponging off her mom with only six to feed, which could account for at least some of this debt, where will the octuplets live when the properties are sold to pay for the grandmother’s debt? Was that the real reason behind the birth of these octuplets? Yes, how can those bad debt collectors possible throw the caretakers of octuplets into the street?



  1. diane said,

    this is obscene, they have declard bankruptsy and now have 8 more children. all they want to do is cash in on americas sympathy. this is a clear violation of the law. the dr and this family shld be held responsible for their unlawful actions. singapore has the right idea. the world is over populated as it is. as i said this is a new type of scam. the last family with multiple births got a free home plus all that goes along with new babies. the social services shld intervene. these people and their dr are nothing but a new type of scam.

  2. What a nutcase... said,

    This situation is disturbing on so many levels. This woman needs psychiatric help and her children taken away. If she could not even take care of her first six children than how is she going to take care of fourteen? It is no mystey that she wanted additional children to pay for her first six children. She is nothing but a welfare momma that my hard-working tax dollars pay for. If I was CSD and social services, I would cut her off of all monitary value and aide. In addition, I pitty the fools that give her free handouts. Nadya is the one that chose to have ALL of these chldren and she should be able to take care of ALL of them by herself…period.

  3. Bad Parenting said,

    This is a case of bad parenting. Obviously, the mother has not considered the children’s social, mental and physical well-being as they mature. I agree with the above posts and I feel that this woman should be cut off of all assistance. This woman is merely a baby making machine that is dispensing them like pez candy.

  4. Unbelievable.... said,

    Wellfare should cut her off. They help familys who really need money. Did you know she is single? 14 freaking kids under the age of 7. Those kids should be put up for adoption. Sorry to the mom but thats unbelievable.

  5. Beca said,

    With big family reality shows like Kate and John plus 8 and The Duggars it is not surprising that this would happen. The children are financial investments, the mother has a great need for attention, and we, as tax payers will be paying for it all.

    As parents of a premie (one boy, 2 months early due to unexpected complications), with dual employment and health insurance, our initial ICU and Intermediate care tab came to $275,000. This does not include obstetric costs, surgery costs etc. But again, we had insurance and paid out-of-pocket for what was not covered. It is irresponsible for this woman to have done what she has done as well as the medical community that allowed it.

  6. Judy said,

    I think this mother having eight babies when she had six children already living in questionable living situation…….plus being left with Grandma much of the time is totally outrageous. This mother of the 8 newborns and six children at home should save hereself from her self by giving up these newborns for adoption. She would make this situation right then. There are so many dedicated, hardworking and loving couples that would provide well for these babies. Lets be unselfish Mother Dearest.

  7. T said,

    wow you people sound so freakig jealous its not even funny. just because some woman can have more than twp or three kids, every one has to complain. like come on and get over yourselves

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