March 19, 2009

SOFTplus GSiteCrawler John Mu Warning

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The Softplus GSiteCrawler Sitemap Generator that was written by John Mu / Johannes Mueller, googler, is generally considered to be a handy innocuous freeware program that is useful for webmasters. Wrong! It is not just another tiny nearly free program that you might have been foolish enough to have installed and used a few times. For a program that does next to nothing, it happens to be a major space hog on your hard drive.

SOFTplus GSiteCrawler

This review is about Softplus GSiteCrawler v1.23 Sitemap Generator and may not apply to other versions of this program.

While it is entirely debatable whether or not webmasters should even bother to use a Google xml sitemap file to begin with on a website, you would think that a program written by a Googler would actually work correctly. Wrong again! While I did not recall at first what GSiteCrawler was doing wrong, it did not take long to figure it out.

GSiteCrawler does not support pattern matching using Google wildcards in the robots.txt file, as in matching the end characters of the URL using $. While it does have a Drop Parts Filter, Softplus GSiteCrawler nevertheless does not support a few perfectly valid robots.txt file entries.

Further, on my SEO Blog I have all my WordPress trackback URLs blocked by using nofollow. Yet, the Softplus GSiteCrawler sitemap generator listed all the trackback URLs in the sitemap. This strongly suggests to me that the googler’s sitemap program does not support Google’s rel=”nofollow” tag.

Recently while I was trying to figure out what was using up all the space on my 18 Gigabyte hard drive, I managed to discover the ugly truth about the SOFTplus GSiteCrawler program.

SOFTplus GSiteCrawler is a major hard drive space hog

While perhaps a 18 Gigabytes hard drive is obsolete by today’s standards that drive was and in many respects still is the work horse for many commercial businesses. Further, used computers containing small hard drives like this one are very reasonably priced. And, are still in wide usage.

SOFTplus GSiteCrawler – Space Hog

I have managed to used John Mu’s (i.e., Johannes Mueller) sitemap generator program a few times. Did not really like it a whole lot because it did not even create a correctly parsed sitemap as far as which webpages you wanted listed. Like many other rarely used programs, I had never bothered to delete it. That was a big mistake. It happens to be the number one space hog of all the programs installed on my computer. For a program that does next to nothing, it has a single Microsoft Access Database file on it that uses up a tremendous amount of space.

GSiteCrawler-Queue.mdb uses up all the space


It is bigger than Microsoft Office. It uses more space than Open Office, a freeware version of Microsoft Office. It is actually bigger than the graphics programs used by my printer and digital camera. And, it is even significantly bigger than a very expensive graphics program from Macromedia.

SOFTplus GSiteCrawler Warning

Friends and webmasters, for a Sitemap Generator program that does next to nothing and is rarely used, it is not just another tiny nearly free program. It happens to be a major space hog. My recommendation is to dump the SOFTplus GSiteCrawler for another sitemap generator.



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  2. For the technically inclined, I have provided an alternative called compacting this database file in the above trackback hyperlink to my SEO Blog.

    The fact remains that the Softplus GSiteCrawler Sitemap Generator suffers from just plain Bad Programming Design. Webmasters need to be made aware of the fact that the softplus program installation can get unbelievably big. There is nothing funny about a minor program, unknowingly to you, hogging all your hard disk space.

    There is a comment on my SEO Blog that points out that there is a little known database file compression option in the file menu.

  3. Jeff Kaine said,

    Yes – it does eat up plenty of space! there is room in the marketplace for someone out there to develop something better

  4. Saga Dating said,

    yep – there is definitely a hole in the marketplace for a good sitemap xml generator

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