April 1, 2009

Windows XP has System Restore

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One of the great features of Windows XP is that it has a system restore utility. But in order to keep your installed copy of Windows XP from gradually dying, you have to know when to use system restore to recover from certain types of problems. Regular use of system restore will keep your computer stable. And, can keep it from crashing.

System restore backs up some types of system files once a day, and every time that a new program is installed. The number of system backups available to restore to obviously has limits. Your system backups will be limited by the size of your hard drive. And, they can take up a whopping 12% of your hard drive. Bigger and better operating systems always come at a price. Users of used computer equipment will find that Windows XP takes up a big chunk of their small hard drive. But, you should never try to save disk space by cutting Windows too short. Remember that down the road, you can always purchase an absolutely huge external hard disk at a very reasonable price.

Computer users should always take into consideration that installing a lot of software in just one day can easily eat up your ability to restore to an earlier check point date. Thus, the installation of massive amounts of software should be spread over several days.

Whenever you are experiencing sudden unusual system problems on your computer, you should immediately try to correct it by restoring your computer’s system settings to an early date. Ignore the problems for a couple of weeks, and you could easily end up losing your ability to recover without performing a complete Windows XP reinstallation. Even if possible, trying to restore your computer’s operating system with a complete reinstallation is bound to be a disastrous undertaking.

Therefore, you have to be familiar with how your computer is performing in order to know when you are experiencing problems. Certainly, computer users should do an automatic restore of their computer every time that they experience a complete power failure while operating their computer. Users with a dial-up modem connection to the Internet should do a system restore whenever they start experiencing unusual problems connecting to the Web. Then finally, the other usual situation calling for a system restore is after installing a new device driver that turns into a big mistake, or after attempting to make some changes to Windows XP, either manually, or by way of a program.

You should always restore to you first previously available backup date when attempting to do a restore, to see if that corrects the problem. Going back in time further than one day at a time serves no purpose, unless you suddenly recall that you made a change a while back that is probably causing your problems.


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