April 5, 2009

Make Your New Used Computer Shine

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Never forget that the web is about freedom and free stuff. And that the best free stuff available on the Web is called software. You can make your new used computer operate as good as new by downloading and then running the correct software for free.

Time is money. The saying is certainly true. It is very easy to spend money, assuming that you have it. But, in case you have not heard yet. The entire planet is experiencing a world wide recession. So, perhaps you are a little short in the cash department? And, would like to save money wherever possible?

You can certainly go out and buy a brand new computer running Vista. But then you would be stuck with Vista, when Windows XP is a lot better. And, you can also buy all your software, when you can get stuff just as good, if not better for free. The choice is yours.

After all, why would anyone get rid of a perfectly good computer just because it is a few years old? Mostly because they are ill informed, basically lazy, ruled by irrational emotions, and just do not know any better.

Think about about any organization. The more employees that a supervisor has the more important that supervisor is deemed to be, no matter how irrational the concept is. The same goes for computers. Important people get new computers. And, the more often that they upgrade to a new computer, the more important that they appear to be to their coworkers. The same goes for the IT staff. Your IT person is not going to risk their job in order to save their companies a few bucks. Important people expect new computers. The IT folks have absolutely no incentive to risk their jobs fighting the popular irrationality that computers go bad over time. Besides, installing a new computer actually makes their jobs easier.

The facts are that computers do not go bad over time. What happens is that computers get neglected over time. And, they appear to get slower and slower, and slower. Spend time, periodically running the correct software, and your computers will stay maintained and well optimized. And will run just as fast, at three, five, seven, and even ten years of age; as on the day that they were bought.

Computers slow down over time for three different reasons. Their hard disk drives are usually badly fragmented. Their hard drives usually have collected a wide variety of infections from surfing the Web. And, their computer registry by design needs to be badly cleaned up and optimized.

I have no doubt that Microsoft could have easily designed Windows XP so that the registry wouldn’t get bogged down with thousands of errors. But, Bill Gates being a salesperson wants people to periodically upgrade to newer computers so that they can sell you a totally unnecessary new operating system, in order to make the very irrational public happy, and Bill a lot richer man.

John H. Gohde reminds everyone to remember to use the system restore wizard to keep your used computer running like new.


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