April 22, 2009

LuAnn de Lesseps Most Hated Next to Casey Anthony

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Is LuAnn de Lesseps the most hated female in America next to Casey Anthony? One could easily get that impression from reading the comments and discussions left on the various Internet bookseller web sites. Is all that public animosity against LuAnn really good for book sales? Apparently, life even for the rich and famous reality television stars has its ups and downs.

Do you remember the wisecrack that LuAnn de Lesseps made about Bethenny Frankel regarding whether her Social Life Magazine cover photo needed retouching on an episode of Real Housewives of New York City? Well, I checked out Amazon.com today. Classy Luann’s book was ranked at #1,086 in books while modest Bethenny’s new Naturally Thin book was off the charts at #24. Does the Countess know how to count, with no pun intended? Does Countess Luann de Lesseps’ public image need a complete make over, if she ever expects to sell a second printing of her book: Class With the Countess? Or, is it just my imagination that LuAnn de Lesseps could not have been more wrong about Bethenny?

Class With The Countess

Luann’s book has been rumored to have been ghostwritten by none other than Diane Reverand. But how could her book have been professionally written and still be attacked for being poorly written with tons of bad grammar and sentence structure errors? Perhaps, I do have a future as a professional ghostwriter?

Further, the public has commented that the book actually has very little to do with class and etiquette. It is more along the lines of an autobiography complete with over the top bragging written with a sense of arrogance befitting of a Countess which others have called “enjoyable anecdotes.” While I have yet been able to locate Class With the Countess in a book store, I did notice that her website had little to do with etiquette.

Probably Luann’s most commented upon faux pas that she had made on the Real Housewives of New York City was when she was chewing her food with “her mouth wide open as she instructed her daughter and friends in table manners.” I guess that the public is of the opinion that manners and etiquette has a lot to do the simple things, like which fork you are supposed to eat with?



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    • luann pretend to speak french, mais elle n’y connait rien a rien la pauvre conne, ou le pauvre con car c’est un homme, non? il est tres mal eleve, aggressive et arrogant en plus! le pauvre mec!

  2. Sophie said,

    Oh, thank you for this post! I find Luann an amazing person, but not in a good way.

    For being an ‘expert’ on manner and etiquette…please pardon my repetitiveness there….she sure has no idea of political correctness.

    She’s an ‘American Indian’? I thought the term du’jour was NATIVE AMERICAN.

    You’d think a native American would be clued in to that.

    And I loved her costume at Kelly’s Halloween party.

    Since my great-grandmother was a full-blooded Blackfoot, maybe I should go around on Halloween with feathers and face paint. So everyone will know I am an American Indian.

    I guess being faux european royalty wasn’t good enough for her, she has to pretend she’s Pocahontas too.

    I don’t hate her….I enjoy watching her inability to pronounce words correctly…or come up with proper sentence structure, and I especially love watching her daughter’s expressions each time her mom sticks her feet in her mouth.

    Luann, don’t you know that’s bad manners AND bad etiquette? Not that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • angie said,

      I agree. There is no Proof she is Indian and many REAL Native are mad about it. It’s racism at it’s best. No Indian dresses up as themselves in a holloween. No race does that. Don’t worry things are being looked into because this is the kind of things Native have been trying to squash.

    • Susan said,

      She calls herself ‘American Indian’ to impress the European royals. They use the term to distinguish between “Indian” and ‘American Indian’. The term “Native American” doesn’t means as much to them as as it does to us. It also sounds more exotic. Europe has had an admiration for the “Noble Savage” since the wild west show tours of Europe in the 1800’s.

      • annalynn said,

        She is NO Indian. She should also know dressing up as one is considered racist. This is something Bravo should correct very quickly because there are Native Rights out there just like NAACP. Besides one drop of Indian blood doesn’t make you Indian.
        Since she is also the 4th wife of the count, was he married at the time with his 3rd wife when she met him? Sort of like Kelly married to Gills Bensimon. He is wayyyyyy older than Kelly.

        • Joan said,

          Agreed. She is no Indian. I wrote a comment on her blog asking why she identified herself as an “American Indian” and never by her tribal nation. I prefer to identify myself by my tribal nation and, secondly, as Native. I think it was insulting to see her wear that costume and I think it was laughable when she wears that huge turquoise necklace. Mind you that my comment never was posted.

          • AnnaLynn said,

            I wrote to Bravo also about her pretending to be Native American. They didn’t post it either. Someone else told them it’s illegal to do so. There is an Indian Community House that people can write to about this problem.

    • luann is strong, rude & aggressive guy, it is a man yeh? the TV show is trying to trick us with the hired kids? or are they his ex-wives kids? He must be gay…

  3. Thanks for the PC tip! How could Luann have been “blindsided” when her husband of 16 years ended their marriage? They wont even on the same continent most of the time, let alone living together. Better yet, some say that her “Count” was not even a real Count to begin with. The truly arrogant people of this world do not realize that they are snobs. Yes, just imagine having Luann for your mother.

  4. Sophie said,

    Just read something about these two being separated for the last three years.

    And that she was surprised he really left? That they wouldn’t be married forever?

    Wonder what tips she’ll give for having to share a faux title with your ex’s new wife. Or for that matter, how to share a ‘title’ with your husbands three ex-wives before you.

    Frankly, I’d kind of like to hear ex-wife #3’s story, because I bet there’s something in her fairy tale life with the Count that didn’t initially include an American Indian homewrecking princess stealing her husband.

    Apparently, the anonymous former wives of the Count actually DO have some semblance of class…

    Because for the last two seasons of RHONYC they have politely kept their mouths shut. Probably because they can’t stop laughing.

    • Susan said,

      …and also:

      • Following New York Post reports that she recently got “cozy” with a younger man at an upfronts party, Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn de Lesseps was spotted sitting with her husband, Alexandre Count de Lesseps, and causing a stir during dinner at Brio in New York. “They were loud; people were definitely looking,” an onlooker tells us of the tense scene at the Italian restaurant. “The count looked furious and she was leaning back in her chair.” Adds the onlooker: “He was swearing and in a raised voice kept repeating to his wife, ‘You don’t understand reality, you’re consumed by the show!'” But the couple denied any strife on the red carpet at the American Image Awards. “Alex and I are very happily married, and we’re very much together,” the countess tells us. And her husband added: “I rarely speak about private matters, but I do agree strongly with that.”

      • Susan said,


        Maybe LuAnn changed after signing onto the show and became an embarassment to her husband?


        The article at the site above appeared in the New York Post on August 26, 2008 describes how, at a wedding in the Hamptons, she grabbed the mike, sang songs and knocked over a drum set and then started groping crotches.

        According to the article:
        ” Then, LuAnn, who was there with her husband, Alexandre Count de Lessups, seemed overwhelmed with affection for her fellow guests. “She was trying to make out with women and married men,” the source said. “A pregnant wife caught her in the act, stormed off and walked home in disgust.”

        Alexandre “tried to make her leave and was seen throwing her to the ground in the parking lot,” our spy continued. ”

        Maybe the Count just finally got tired of hearing other Royals tell him that he should dump her? Surely,some may have watched the show as well and gossiped about LuAnn’s disgraceful, inappropriate and quite un-Royal antics. Maybe one of his friends introduced him to the Ethiopian Princess to cheer him up? Google and see what comes up.at.”

        • Thanks for the links. I had heard about those rumors. Now, I wont have to do any of the research.

          As an adult, I think that getting drunk is just plain stupid. When you are intoxicated you end up doing stuff that you would never do while sober, not to mention making yourself extremely vulnerable to anybody who would want to harm or take advantage of you. Some people handle alcohol better than others.

          I have heard that Native Americans for genetic reasons do not handle alcohol very well. Maybe Luann is proof of why settlers always tried to get the Indians drunk in all those cowboy and Indian movies that I watch as a child growing up in America?

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  6. Lexi lebaron said,

    I say that I too agree that it is a little heartless of the count Alexandre to have broken up with her through an email of a few lines and that considering that they were married for 16 years; she at least deserved a little more respect in the delivery of such a harsh message. However I also say that if there is anyone who needed to be knocked off of their high horse it was the countess who only achieved such a title through her marriage. I also think that the countess is the last person whom should be deemed appropriate in teaching let alone writing a book whose purpose is to teach people proper etiquette. It seems to me that the countess herself could use a few pointers on etiquette and relationship advice after the horrible advice she gave Bethany Frankel.

    I find it extremely humorous that someone would harp about proper table manners to their child and child’s friends while chewing on a huge wad of half masticated food rolling around in her wide open trap of a mouth. I think that it’s traumatic enough for someone to go through a divorce without having it displayed on national television for all to see but I think she got what was coming to her for being such a snob and looking down her nose at others. The title of countess seemed to give her some false sense of validation and now that she is in this divorce situation she looks more than pathetic trying to cling to a title which is no longer legally hers after the divorce is final. I would love to hear the opinions of the count Alexandre’s 3 wives before her which to me are classier because they have not said a word in the midst of such media attention to their ex husband.

    I am sure that her predecessors would also still feel like they also have claim to the title since they also shared at one point or another the title of countess. I think that this whole experience should teach Luann some humility and hopefully teach her to be herself and to love herself instead of trying to be someone she is not because she is not royalty nor Native American as she has stated. I wonder how many people dress up as their own race for the holiday of Halloween which in my opinion would be offensive. I am including also in this post a link to a NY post article on a wedding event in which the class-less countess made a fool of herself after getting drunk and taking the reception mike and singing two songs followed by trying to kiss all of the guests.

    All in all I hope she learns some humility from this experience and stops being such a pathetic snobbish B. In the end the Countess is and I quote the husband of Ramona singer “count-less” haha

    I hope you all enjoy the NY post article.


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