May 4, 2009

Dell Dimension 4700 – A Gem of a Deal

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I just purchased my third used computer for $150, last Friday. I came across this one at Goodwill of Central Virginia in Richmond. It was a Dell Dimension 4700 computer system that came complete with a 17 inch CRT monitor.

Previously, I had written on Procuring the Ideal Used Computer. Since I just purchased this test computer, I will be using it to show readers how to clean and speed up their used computers.

It is running Windows XP Home Edition SP3. Its cpu speed is 3.0 GHz which is three times faster than the computer that I have been using. It came with one Gigabyte of RAM. And, has a 75 gigabyte hard drive. The CRT offers a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

Goodwill indicated that Butch had wiped the computer just a couple of week ago. That seems to indicate that they went to the trouble of permanently removing all the old programs and data off the hard drive, making them unrecoverable. What exactly they did to clean up this computer, I do not know. But, by the time that I am through with cleaning it up I will know just how good a job they did speeding it up where it counts.

Once I have cleaned it up, I am planning on using it as my primary computer. It has USB ports all over it. And, it appears off hand to be able to support two different monitors at the same time.

I will be able to see first hand, whether or not a 300% faster cpu actually makes a big difference running programs on this computer. Most of the computers being sold by Goodwill had a fast CPU, but they did not have nearly enough RAM on them. Using my own published criteria for purchasing the ideal used computer, I was able to pick the only used computer that was worth buying out of the lot.


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