May 11, 2009

Verizon Telephone Service Nightmare

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Verizon telephone customer service put me through quite an ordeal just to turn off my phone service. I had discovered online that I could get Verizon High Speed Internet access without having to pay for phone service. But, the Verizon Telephone Service customer service agents that I had spoken with by phone tried to tell me that no one could get Verizon DSL without phone service. Further, they quoted me a monthly rate that was nearly double what I had agreed to.

I always had assumed that you had to have phone service service in addition to DSL when you went through your phone company. After all, Comcast a cable television service provider requires DSL subscribers to first get cable service. So I figured, why would the Verizon phone company be any different?

But recently, I had thoroughly investigated the Verizon High Speed Internet web pages online. At the low end of DSL service, Verizon had an option without phone service option that was only $2.00 a month higher than their phone service option with a one year agreement.

I was very happy to drop my Verizon phone service since I had gotten used to my cellphone. Rarely did I ever need my old fashion phone service. I had it more out of habit than anything else. I was very glad to purchased Verizon High Speed Internet with a one year agreement for only $19.99 a month. Their modem was given to me free. But it turned out that they did charge me an additional $20 for the service installation. The entire Verizon High Speed Internet online experience was very professional and pleasant.

A few days later, I was asked by the Verizon High Speed Internet people to disconnect my Verizon Telephone Service. I attempted to do so after work. First, I had my dial-up Internet service disconnected. The Netscape dial-up people as expected gave me a hard time. They offered me the same service at half their current rate. I refused. Then they tried to get me to keep it going for a few more months. I again refused. And, I told them that without phone service their dial-up connection wouldn’t work at all. Eventually, they gave up harassing me.

The Verizon telephone service customer representatives at 804-954-6222 put me through quite an ordeal. I was rushing to get my phone turned off before the 6:00 pm service cutoff. I had to call them back three times before, I was able to beg one lady to finally turn off my phone service. Those customer service people were totally living on another planet. They were either intentionally scamming the public, or were totally clueless as to what Verizon was offering online.

They tried to tell me that I had to pay nearly double the rate that I had purchased. Then they claimed that phone service was required. I requested to speak with a supervisor. He was even more clueless than the customer service representative. They couldn’t even tie my street address together with my phone number. The supervisor told me that I had not placed a DSL order, etc., etc., etc.

The entire Verizon telephone service experience was totally negative, and totally unnecessary. It was a six adult size aspirin headache experience for me. But, I told the last lady that I had spoken with that I was just stupid. So, could you please turn off my phone service 100%? It finally happened, with just five minutes left to spear.

To cool off, I took a walk over to Goodwill. I love my current residence, because virtually everything is within walking distance. To my surprise, I ended up purchasing a Dell Dimension 4700 computer system from them. It really was a very good value. And, it got my mind off of my traumatic Verizon telephone customer service disconnection nightmare.

On the positive side, I guess that if those Verizon customer service people really were convinced that phone service was required, then Verizon must have required it not too long ago. I must not have been quite as clueless about it, as I had first imagined.

At any rate, I spent last week without Internet access at home. My Verizon DSL service was turned on today. It went very smoothly. I managed to cut my total cost to access the Web in half. And, my connection speed went from 56k to 128K to boot. Now, I can watch YouTube videos on the web painlessly, and actually enjoy them. The low-end Verizon DSL service is actually working better than DSL at my place of employment.



  1. Greg said,

    Good article, I am totally pissed off at Verizon and have evry intention of taking my business elsewhere. I now had home phone service plus DSL (high end) and wireless thru Verizon…for a cool $129/month. I have to watch them like a hawk as they continually charge me for service I do not use. Last month the over charge me $10.00…After an hour of debate they said they would credit my account for the error… They did that and simultaniously charged me again $10 for this month… go figure??

    I don’t need a home phone but do need DSL 3MBS. My wireless phone we use no texting, Web access, pictures etc… Just phone service. Any direction other than Cable TV & internet would be appreciated. I am ready to move on with out the verizon Bull Shit!


    • For me, Verizon just went from bad to worst!

      They do NOT offer the same High Speed Internet Service at my house. Turns out that I paid $21.99 a month (price increase) for one month that everyone else was paying $29.99 for (ie, Low-end DSL without phone service). So, I got the better the better of Verizon for a year or so.

      Verizon wanted me to pay $55 a month for Fios Internet, or $100 for the entire Fios Package at my new home. Finally, went with “Clear” for wireless service.

      With Clear you still have to put up with bait and switch tactics, as well as high pressure sales. I still ended up paying a sizable price increase (but less than what Verizon wanted) for 3G wireless service with a 2 year contract. The cost of owning your own home is starting to add up, as every utility seems to be more expensive than ever!

      3G is 1MBS DSL service that so far appears to be slightly faster and better than my old Verizon service. Have yet to optimize the best placement of my Clear modem in the House. Whether I will eventually end up staying with Clear rather than move to Verizion Fiber-Optics Fios Internet once my Internet business activities justify me paying a higher rate depends on whether I ever end up getting a mobile laptop computer that will require mobile wireless Internet service.

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