May 21, 2009

The Real Housewives of New York City Last Fling

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The last episode of the housewives reality television show was not quite as exciting as I had hoped. A bit unexpectedly, it was open season on Kelly Bensimon. But Ramona Singer managed to get her last digs in on the Countess Luann de Lesseps.

Watching these types of reality television shows certainly is not a good use of your time. I did not watch this show religiously. As usual, I made up for all the missed shows near the end of the season which is quite easy to do. Since cable just loves to repeat their programming over and over again. I grew up in New York, so I could relate somewhat to the zany characters in the New York City series. But, I certainly would never waste my time watching the housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, or Orange County.

It turned out that none of housewives particularly liked Kelly Bensimon. So while the reality television show made it look like the spat was strictly between Kelly and Bethenny Frankel, all the other cast members were experiencing the same problem.

If you were glued to the set, then you could have heard Ramona Singer reference the crotch grabbing incident at a wedding with the Countess. Personally, I had missed probably the worst cut of the show. But luckily I came across this video clip where Ramona briefly mentions the Page 6 incident that took place off of the show all because the Countess was foolish enough to have attacked Ramona by calling her “crazy eyes.”

The open season on Kelly Bensimon brought home the reality to me that the entire show is probably fake. These six females being friends off the set is just pure hokum. The interactions between most of these ladies for the entire season was no doubt staged just for the benefit of the show so that these housewives of New York City could rake in some easy money, as if any of them really needed it.

Reality television has been known to break up more than one marriage. In the real world these ladies probably hate each other more than ever now after season two. No doubt they are in it just for the money. I doubt that any of the housewives stays home to watch television at all. Kelly managed to admit that she was not at all familiar with the cast of characters on the show.



  1. Sophie said,

    I believe these women each made about $5,000. Not much, but they were in it for the advertising. Each of these women wants to be famous. It’s not just about being rich, none of them likely have monetary restrictions. It’s about trying to be the new ‘it’ girl.

    Some of them probably knew OF each other, but none of them were friends when this started. They all were hired independently, and thrown together into this salad. They were all chosen for specific reasons…not just their own capacity for being interesting, but for the conflict that would inevitively arise from it.

    The producers obviously found circumstances in which to bring them together.

    Every season, there will be someone or something ‘new’ in order to throw off the balance.

    If all these women were ‘ladies’ and politely kept their feelings to themselves about their fellow castmates, no one would watch.

    Alex is extremely low key in regards to criticizing the others. She always takes the high road. If it weren’t for Ramona’s extreme disdain for her and her husband, and her husband’s flamboyance, they’d be off the show.

    And yes, they often bug me. But I never understood the other’s reluctance to accept that it was okay for them to show up at the same events they attended. Why is it always okay for them to be there, but not Silex? Pretty arrogant, I think.

  2. Kelly Bensimon was so clueless that she didn’t even know why she was on the Reunion show to begin with. You would have thought that the producers of the show would have made sure that the new member of the group knew what was going on. Obviously, Kelly doesn’t watch television. Just as obviously she did not even bother to watch the old episodes of the Real Housewives of New York City reality show to get up to date on what was going on.

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