May 22, 2009

Registry Cleaners-SHDOCVW.DLL & 0xc0000022 Errors

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Registry Cleaners Are NOT Miracle Cures

While I am a very strong advocate of using FREE Registry Cleaner programs to clean and speed up used computers they are, also, at the same time one of the biggest scams on the Internet. Commercial registry cleaners positively wont fix a Windows XP computer that suddenly boots up blank, reports that SHDOCVW.DLL is missing, or that explorer.exe wont initialize due to a 0xc0000022 error.

For just about every type of catastrophic error that might be experienced by a Windows XP personal computer there are web pages all over the Internet that advise that downloading and then running their Registry Cleaning program will miraculously fix every possible major problem on your computer. Their program wont attempt to fix identified registry errors at all, unless you first pay them between $40 and $50. It is always easy to throw money at a problem. Just do not expect the Registry Cleaner to miraculously fix your computer. It wont! They could not possibly work. These type of loading problems have nothing to do with your computer registry.

In most cases these fraudulent web pages are paired with a photo of a respectable looking computer professional. Personally, I wonder how these consumer fraud con artists manage to sleep at night. I guess that they must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Registry Cleaners Do NOT Fix DLL Errors

Registry cleaners do not fix DLL errors because they do not change file permissions.

Registry Cleaners Do NOT Fix 0xc0000022 Errors

0xc0000022 Errors have nothing to do with your computer registry. 0xc0000022 Errors are caused by incorrect file permissions and by explorer.exe being dependent upon some missing DLLs.

Registry Cleaners Will Not FIX SHDOCVW.DLL Errors

Impulsively paying $50 for a Registry Cleaner program because you are desperate will not automatically fix a SHDOCVW.DLL not found error.

Speeding Up Your Computer

Registry Cleaners Do Have Their Place

I advocate running Registry Cleaners which you can download for free off of the Internet on used computers. Paying money for a commercial Registry Cleaners is not automatically preferable to running a free or FreeWare registry cleaner. Commercial registry cleaners certainly will not automatically fix Windows XP loading problems.

Fix Your Computer for FREE

Safe Mode will FIX Windows XP loading problems for FREE

In most cases, however, merely loading your personal computer in Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the [F8] key during a boot up will automatically fix your problem, or at least make your personal computer usable once again even if everything has not been completely fixed.

Running Registry Cleaners, or a Registry cleaner program, that you have been forced into purchasing because you are desperate wont do anything for you other than empty out your bank account. They certainly wont fix major problems on your computer. But they are good for making your Windows XP personal computer load faster upon boot up. And, for speeding up a sluggish used Windows XP personal computer.



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