May 31, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Okay for Kids

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 is reportedly bringing in to the Gosselins $75,000 an episode. But, is it a form of child abuse? Are Jon and Kate exploiting their children while their marriage falls apart from the stress of always being on camera?

The fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC aired on May 25th.

Jon & Kate – Cheating on Each Other?

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin, parents to 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets, with a very popular reality television show having marital problems? I do not know. And, I honestly don’t care. Nor, did I even know that this show existed before all of the controversy started. And, would never ever watch this type of a show on a regular basis, as it would only burn me out on the whole topic of children.

Jon & Kate – Child Exploitation?

Jodi Kreider, on CBS’s The Early Show recently said: “They’re being exploited!” Jodi, Kate’s sister-in-law, told CBS: “No one is looking at these children, at what they are going through, and the life consequences they are going to have as they get older.”

Further, the reality television show is currently under investigation by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor over child labor concerns.

Are Jon and Kate exploiting their children? Heck, no! Not only are they not being abused, but I would say that they are rather enjoying themselves living a lifestyle of the rich and famous that the average person would never be able to afford.

No one should have to endure poverty. Without the income being generated by the show, these kids would not have any quality of life. And, they would undoubtedly would be living off the public dole.

The children are not acting. They are not working long hours. Heck, they are not working at all. They are merely existing, living out their lifes, having a pretty good time of it, all of the time. Because of the show, they get to do things that most children would never have the opportunity to experience. If anything the children are probably craving all the attention being given them. Without the show, most of them would have ended up being ignored, most of the time by virtually everyone in their lifes.

Any reality show that is into its fifth season is about to expire on its own, all by itself. If this was child abuse, why wasn’t the show investigated by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor four years ago? I say that the children should enjoy it while it lasts.

There are plenty of big families in America. But, are any of them raking in $75,000 every few weeks while the children live out their lifes? I know that they are not. Kate Gosselin is the mastermind behind the show. She is the one working her butt off traveling the country with her bodyguard promoting the show. Kate is the person that worked to turn her family into a money making machine. Therefore, she and her husband are entitled to most of the money. Should they be required to set money aside for their children? Yes, but certainly no where near $75,000 an episode since the children did absolutely nothing to bring in that kind of money, except having a lot of fun on a regular basis.


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  1. There has been some indication in the media that Jodi Kreider, Kate’s sister-in-law, wanted too much money to appear on the show. If true, then Jodi in reality could be a bigger gold digger than Kate. Jodi after all has been going around trying to get the show canceled. Perhaps, vindictive is the word that best describes Jodi Kreider’s recent actions? Where was all this hatred against Kate when Jodi was appearing on the show?

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