June 2, 2009

Say NO to Pocketless Shirts for Men

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I absolutely refuse to buy any shirt that does not have a pocket sewn into it. Call me crazy. Call me strange, but I am a man. Real men wear shirts with pockets, precisely because they are men. Only feminized men are foolish enough to wear pocketless shirts.

What has the world come to when men before they can buy a shirt have to check to make sure that it has a pocket sewn into it? Why are women constantly trying to feminize the American Male?

In America, women wear shirts without pockets called blouses. That is because they are women. Men wear shirts with pockets, precisely because they are men. Working class men wear shirts with two pockets. While white collar jobs and dressier shirts dictate only one pocket. Men are practical creatures who like to carry essential items in their pockets, like an ink pen.

Women have no need because they like to lug around big pocketbooks.

Pockets: “The standard shirt in America has a single one on the wearer’s left side, which is a sewn-on patch with a plain upper hem, optionally with a single button for closure. This small pocket is large enough to hold a pack of cigarettes or a few pens (a pocket protector can be used). Less formal shirts may feature larger pockets, dual pockets, or pockets with flap closures; safari or other military styled shirts often feature two large pockets with buttoned flaps.”Wikipedia

From there, fashion advice for men starts to go down hill fast.

“The traditional left breast pocket adds a little depth to a dress shirt, especially if worn without jacket and tie, and can be useful for holding pens, tickets, and the like. A shirt with no pockets can look slightly cleaner with a coat and tie, but since the coat covers the pocket the difference is minimal when wearing a suit.”

“As with most things, simplicity equals formality, so the pocket-less shirt is the dressiest.” EzineArticles

Wrong! The pocketless shirt is the sign of a feminized male. Real men wear shirts with pockets. That is because they are men. Only hopelessly confused, feminized men are foolish enough to wear pocketless shirts.

Who says so? I do.



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  3. Jason said,

    I must have a fat neck for my body but when I get a shirt with a pocket it ends up too far down. It nearly goes into my pants and looks stupid. I gotta go with the no pocket option.

  4. Blighty Andy said,

    It takes a real man not to be scared of not being called a “real man” by other men, such as your strange self.

  5. john said,

    I enjoy the benefits of being a man, and one of them is to utilize a pocket on my shirt. How feminized are men becoming these days? Having a pocket on my shirt is a very convenient thing to have, and I will continue to insist on it. If more men would do the same, men’s fashion won’t be held hostage to the whims and fads of women’s fashion.

    By the way, you’re putting to fine a point on the “real men” comment, Blighty Andy. I think John used it very well as a rhetorical device in his argument. Instead of using a cheap shot, Blighty Andy, you would have made a stronger point if you came across like Jason. He gives a practical reason for his “no pocket” choice.

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