June 8, 2009

Kendra Scores a Big Hit

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Kendra Wilkinson, star of “The Girls Next Door,” had a very successful premier of “Kendra,” her new show, last Sunday night on June 5th.

“The Girls Next Door” repeated the episode where Kendra bought her new house, immediately before the Kendra Wilkinson’s new reality show on E!. It was was no accident, as Kendra actually used some of the same footage from that very episode.

The footage was used to make a smooth transition from “The Girls Next Door” to “Kendra,” if not for some very boring television. Nothing could be more boring than the Denise Richards show, after all, where Denise engages in some drama with her father and personal assistants. Heck, Denise Richards is back for another season. If Denise Richards can make it, Kendra Wilkinson will have absolutely no problem attracting an audience. The combination of interesting personality along with big boobs is all that one needs to succeed on E!.

“Kendra” drew an impressive 2.6 million viewers, all from her success on “The Girls Next Door.” Let’s face it, “Kendra” is going to be mostly about Kendra Wilkinson getting naked and engaging in all manner of stupid stuff; All based upon the drawing power of her personality. Seems that Kendra is pretty good at laughing, giggling, and flashing her T&A.

The E! producers between “The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra” really got a lot of mileage out of Kendra’s preoccupation with the stripper pole.

The only real question is whether Kendra’s fiance, Hank Baskett, is going to put up with being on camera all the time. Many viewers will be rooting for the failure of their marriage, the ceremony of which will undoubtedly take place on an upcoming episode. Expect Kendra to devote at least one more episode to the planning of their marriage.

Hank Baskett, a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles will undoubtedly be too busy to regularly appear on the show. Hopefully so, as that is about the only thing that will save their marriage. Hank’s temperament seems to be a total mismatch for reality television.

Kendra will easily be able to fill up a few episodes just with periodic visits from the “The Girls Next Door,” as well as from the staff of the playboy mansion. Expect Kendra to be interacting mostly with her new girlfriends, doing girlie stuff, while entertaining her audience by engaging in her usual stupid dumb blond antics.


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