July 6, 2009

Kendra Has A Girls Night Out

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Kendra, Brittany and Amber head off for a girls-night-out, Kendra style to Vegas. While Hank Baskett left to his own devices, resorts to house cleaning.

The new Kendra series on E! is going just as predicted in Kendra Scores a Big Hit, except that it is moving even slower than I had expected. Most of the entire season of Kendra undoubtedly was taped before even the first episode was aired. So while in real life Kendra is already married, Kendra the series is still building up towards their marriage.

It is reality television people! So, that means just about everything on the series has been staged, planned out, and is just plain faked. Kendra’s producers have come up with a bunch of friends for Kendra, including at least one obviously homosexual male friend for Hank’s benefit. Friends which Kendra probably never met before in real life.

The male audience is watching Kendra for just one reason. The combination of interesting personality along with big boobs is all that one needs to succeed on E!. This latest episode was obviously staged to let Kendra gradually show off all of her assets until she finally has a girls night out in Vegas in the very same penthouse suite shown so often in “The Girls Next Door” E! series with the famous Playboy swimming pool where all the girls go topless and get naked. The addition of nudity means that E! can now sell the entire season on DVD targeted at a male audience. How is that, for a merchandising tie in?

Meanwhile back at home base the laid back Hank Baskett is shown house cleaning leading to a build up where Kendra trashes all of Hank’s hard work putting things in order with tales of her naked adventures designed to get a response out of her future husband.

There was a staged scene of male bounding between Hank Baskett and the male homosexual friend, that came complete with dog poop cleaning that was probably targeted at the female audience. Kendra herself barely knew who the male friend was, why he was there at all, and had no idea why she had received a gift from Paris from him.

Over all Kendra is moving slow, way slow, with her obvious lack of acting skills showing up in almost every scene. Still Kendra with her naivety, following, and dumb blond antics is able to maintain enough audience interest to be able to pull it off quite nicely.

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