July 15, 2009

All in One SEO Plugin – WARNING

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Bloggers running a paid blog should be beware of using the All in One SEO plugin. Do not be foolish enough to trust your Google rankings with this plugin from Hell.

I just read a very interesting post on the All in One SEO plugin from Hell.

All in One SEO Plugin – WARNING

Building up good ranking in the Google search engine takes a long time. Presumably, you want to use an SEO plugin in order to improve your rankings in Google. If you are like me, the last thing that you want a SEO plugin to do is to destroy your search engine rankings. If that describes you, then I strongly suggest that you avoid using the All in One SEO plugin at all costs.

John H. Gohde believes that upgrading your plugin to the next version of the very same plugin should be an automatic process. Why? Because the current version that you are using, is doing exactly what you want done. It is giving you the SEO rankings that you want from Google, and the last thing that you want is for the SEO plugin to change your established settings. This is exactly what the All in One SEO plugin has done to John, twice.

This is the very last time, that John is going to let the All in One SEO plugin destroy his Google rankings.

All in One SEO – Plugin from Hell

About a year and a half ago, doing one of his plugins upgrades the All in One SEO plugin dropped many of his current configurations for the plugin’s default settings. The configuration page was filled out. So, John foolishly assumed that the plugin was using his previously settings: WRONG! He saw that his blog title was correct. And, so was the description. John foolishly did not bother to check every last setting. For some unknown reason, the plugin developer decided to use the default plugin settings for a few of his options at the very bottom of the configuration page. This was back when the plugin corrected its previous goof of confusing the front page, with the home page. The plugin originally had the settings backwards. Of course, when plugin developer decided to corrected this error he did not bother to notify anyone to look out for the change. Needless to say, the All in One SEO plugin totally destroyed John’s placement in Google. John was not aware that the plugin had changed anything. Of course, Google knew it. And, it took months to correct in Google what the All in One SEO Plugin had destroyed in the blink of an eye.

In the case of version 1.6.1, all of your previous configuration settings were lost 100% by this plugin upgrade. All in One SEO plugin users were confronted with a totally blank configuration page. Gee, how nice of the plugin developer not to warn us of its idiocy?

All in One SEO – Cannot be Trusted

In other words, users of the All in One SEO pluging went from a plugin that was working perfectly to a plugin that did not work at all. Insufficient warning was given that this particular upgrade would NOT work automatically. Gee, perhaps I was not planning on putting a whole lot of effort into this particular upgrade at this particular moment in my life? Did the plugin developer care? Of course, not!

Any professional programmer could have automatically carried forward all of your previous settings, database change or no database change. All of your old settings could have been saved in RAM. And, all of your old configurations settings could have been written and saved in one of Windows temporary directories / folders. No this amateur plugin developer was too clueless to automatically convert everything over during this upgrade, or should I say during the destruction of all your SEO configuration settings.

All in One SEO – Very Easy to Replace

John had already stopped using a lot of the All in One SEO plugin features. The safest SEO approach is to make a few permanent changes to your WordPress Blog Theme. John is going to publish a series of posts on how to edit your theme so that no SEO plugin is necessary at all. Why put your Google Rankings at risk with the whims of any plugin developer? If your blog is up and running, then coding your SEO settings into your theme will guarantee that no plugin developer will have the opportunity to monkey around with your hard won Google search engine rankings.

When your SEO is coded into your theme, your blog will always be running the correct SEO options.



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  3. Web Waltham said,

    it sucks!!

    […] If you are like me, the last thing that you want a SEO plugin to do is to destroy your search engine rankings. If that describes you, then I strongly suggest that you avoid using the All in One SEO plugin at all costs. […]

  4. Alex said,

    Thanks for plugin

  5. What do you recommend in place of the All-In-One SEO Pack?

    • Originally, I had a WordPress Blog on SEO where I showed how to customized your theme with simple PHP coding directly. Unfortunately, my hosting service dropped that Blog of mine due to various reasons.

      I have yet to start a new Web site on that subject, as I am tied up on another money making site.

      My impression overall is that WordPress seems intent upon making changes just to shake up users with a NEW layout look for no real good reason. Those WordPress developers have NO concept of long term planning.

      You have my condolences, as it is a major full-time job just to keep up with the NEVER ending Wordpres changes.

      Blogger News Network (BNN) is still running WordPress version 2.3.3!!! They are about 30 upgrades of WordPress out of date, yet they have NEVER been crashed. So, all of WordPress’ concern over security upgrades, let along their constant layout changes is total B/S per the operational success story of BNN as a money making operation.

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