July 24, 2009

Speeding Up Your Personal Computer

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Is your tired old personal computer not performing like it used to? Now, you can rejuvenate that clunker of yours until it will perform like a new machine.

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Computers slow down over time for three different reasons. Their hard disk drives are usually badly fragmented. Their hard drives usually have collected a wide variety of infections from surfing the Web. And, their computer registry … needs to be badly cleaned up and optimized.

I came across this great post on Rejuvenate Your Personal Computer: that introduces ten great programs. This post identifies exactly which programs are needed to speed up your computer.

The problem is that web surfers have to know exactly what they are doing in order to download these free programs. These software sites have paid advertising on them. Which link you need to click on, is anything but clear. You could easily end up downloading the wrong program. In some cases you will literally have to click on three or four different hyperlinks before you are allowed to download the correct free program.

Here is where Rejuvenation | John H. Gohde Unleashed comes to the rescue. Direct download links are provided in the right sidebar for each of these programs. You should download and run these programs, one at a time as you will be using them. Be sure to stick with the default options while running them for the first time. In addition, updating the programs to the latest version is not at all important, at this point. You should simply run the version that you first downloaded.

Do not forget that the First Step is to Fix the Obvious Problems On Your Computer. As previously suggested, the next step would be to download and run CCleaner in order to remove all the junk files from your computer. Be sure to run the Run Cleaner option in the bottom right corner on CCleaner.

Next download and run the Smart Defrag program in order to defrag your hard drives, real fast. Be sure to run Start or the Defrag option on Smart Defrag.

Stay tuned for future posts that will continue to explain how to use these great programs.



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