July 25, 2009

Man Made Global Warming – Myth or Fact?

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The story of the distortion of a whole area of science: Global Warming. Or, how climate variation over the history of Earth has always been completely natural and normal. Al Gore: Did you lie about Global Warming?


Global Warming – Part 2

Global warming makes absolutely no sense. Weather balloon data does not show an increase in temperature as the altitude increases.


Global Warming – Part 3

Man made global warming is falsified by the evidence. The ice core record shows that warming increases are lagged by increases in carbon dioxide levels by 800 years. Volcanoes, plants and animals, and the oceans are a bigger source of CO2 than man is. Carbon dioxide levels have never driven Earth’s temperature.


Global Warming – Part 4

Look towards the sun. Sun spots are a reliable predictor of the weather. Solar activity is strongly correlated to arctic temperatures.


Global Warming – Part 5

The green movement is anti-capitalism and anti-economic growth. The great global warming swindle. Global warming research is nothing, but a money grab.


Global Warming – Part 6

Environmental journalism is about jobs and creating hysteria in the news media. The ice caps have always been contracting and expanding and is as natural as leaves falling on an Autumn day. Hysteria alarms drives the Gobal warming news media. Malaria is not a tropical disease.


Global Warming – Part 7

The developing world is coming under great pressure not to develop by the environmentalists. Man made global warming is a big pay day for far too many people.


Global Warming – Part 8

Global warming is a political agenda that impoverishes the poorest of people. Environmentalists are telling the Third World that they cannot have electricity.



  1. Doreen Hysteria said,

    Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this topic. Doreen

  2. dodo said,

    How can I learn the truth if WAG TV suppresses the videos?

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