September 20, 2009

Rockford ETK0053 – More Than Adequate

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I just finished buffing a heavily paint oxidized automobile with the Rockford ETK0053 10″ Polisher/Buffer being sold by Walmart. It went from having an overall dull mat finish to a much improved paint job that actually has a nice shine to it. All my neighbors were impressed.

Repairs Car Paint Damage

Paint Oxidation Before Buffing

Paint Oxidation Before Buffing

The test vehicle was a 1992 Honda Accord with heavy paint oxidation and sun damage on it from years of neglect from a previous owner. Further, it has a lot of rusted out spots which I have yet to knock out with a hammer and patch with fiberglass. The only part of the car with a nice shine to it was the hood. All that I wanted to do was polish the automobile well enough to get it through the winter. I certainly, also, wanted to be able to drive around town in an automobile that had a nice shine on it.

After - All the Paint Oxidation has been removed

After - All the Paint Oxidation has been removed

Pleasing Results

This was my very first attempt at compounding and polishing an automobile with any type of an electric buffer. After reading all the negative reviews and misinformation being circulated on the Internet about Walmart’s Rockford ETK0053 10″ Polisher/Buffer, I went out and purchased it locally for only $23.98. Overall, I was very pleased with the results.

I have provided before and after photos to document the results. You really need to click on these pictures to get a better enlarged view. Because the pictures were taken under different lighting conditions, the after photographs look a heck of a lot better in the enlarged view. The before pictures contain red arrows that point out the heavy paint oxidation. I buffed the 1992 Honda with the Walmart Buffer on a heavily overcast day under rainy conditions. The after pictures were taken the very next day under a sunny sky.

Walmart’s Rockford ETK0053 10″ Polisher/Buffer

Before Rear View of Oxidized Paint

Before Rear View of Oxidized Paint

After using Walmart's Rockford ETK0053 10" Polisher/Buffer

After using Walmart's Rockford ETK0053

I cannot stress enough that I had no idea what I was doing as a rank amateur. To learn how to do it, I viewed about 20 videos on the Internet about how to buff a car with an electric buffer.

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the Internet about Walmart’s Rockford ETK0053 10″ Polisher/Buffer.

The instructions provided with the machine clearly state that you can both apply and buff wax with this machine. The Walmart buffer came with two bonnets: a woolly synthetic that is clearly intended for compounding and a terry cloth bonnet for both applying and polishing wax.

Walmart’s Rockford ETK0053 10″ Polisher/Buffer positively did not break the first time that I used it. The instructions clearly state to let the machine do all the work. After all, that is why you are using an electric buffer to begin with isn’t it? You really would have to try hard to burn out this machine.

Perhaps, if you are a professional, the machine is underpowered. But as a total amateur, my biggest concern was burning the paint or taking the paint down to the bear metal. Hence, I would call this feature more of an advantage then a negative for a beginner. It is hard to cause paint damage with the Walmart Rockford ETK0053 10 inch buffer.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the results that I was able to achieve on a very old car for such a low price.

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