October 5, 2009

Kate without Jon is NOT Plus 8

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The child exploitation will continue in Kate Plus 8, but without Jon Gosselin staring. The double-standard clearly still exists in Hollywood. Females can get away with murder. While men are held accountable for everything that they do.

John H. Gohde last kept up with the happy couple in Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Okay for Kids when the concern was child abuse and the exploitation of the children. Now, that TLC has dumped Jon from Kate Plus 8, those issues still have not gone away. The show is on its last legs. A single parent family will never be a Leave it to Beaver or Little House on the Prairie role model for our children. It will be a sad day to see a show about a dysfunctional family make it for more than a few years.

As a man, I can relate very well to Jon Gosselin’s situation. I feel that Jon has largely been given a bum rap. After all, Jon Gosselin had to endure years of verbal abuse at the hands of Kate which ultimately lead up to their divorce.

My advice to Jon is to get a good divorce lawyer. Take Kate Gosselin to the cleaners. Get all the money that you can out of Kate. Go for full support. It is time that Kate was made to pay for breaking up the marriage with her non-stop verbal abuse.

Jon Gosselin was NOT fired, anyway, by TLC. He will still appear, just on a less regular basis which is great for a playboy lifestyle. That means top dollar for doing almost no work. Besides, Jon Gosselin will be working on all kinds of reality show spin offs from Jon & Kate Plus 8.


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  1. TRISH said,

    I can say that no matter what one spouse does or don’t do doesn’t give the other spouse the okay to use abuse in any way either. Abuse comes in many forms…physical, mental, verbal, sexual, controlling, financial, adultry, and many more. Whether they are split or not, they aren’t divorced. That behavior showed that Jon didn’t want the marriage to work out. We don’t know if they tried counseling or even other methods of help, but we did see that he did put up with the verbal abuse and married her anyway.
    I also want to comment on the single parent household show. We now have shows with gay/lesbian families, that’s not healthy either but are being shown. It’s reality…isn’t that what these new reality shows are suppose to be about…REALITY?
    I agree it’s not healthy what has happened to these 8 children and the children that they come in contact with. I also think that they parents are at fault, not TLC. They tried to keep it between themselves, but Jon is the one that went out and publicized it by partying publicly before the final days of being married. He sure wasn’t looking at the best interest of the children and the consequences that followed and still follow. Apologizing isn’t enough, correction and healing needs to take place before anyone else comes into their lives. We aren’t to judge how he corrects it, he and God are. God is our only true judge.
    What did happen to thier life with God. In the first year of the show, we saw them going to church and the children in christian preschool. Whatever happened to that life that they portrayed?

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