October 8, 2009

Doing Well on Natural Health

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Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. You are on top one day, and then drop out of sight the next. Where you rank also has a lot to do with which Google datacenter you are looking at. But, to rank well in Google in a highly competitive keyword you have to know something about what you are doing.

Natural Health Perspective Website

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Like I told Simon Barrett on BNN the other day. I run seven different websites. My natural health website is actually doing very well in Google. My rankings in Google for this website was achieve with 100% white-hat search engine optimization. I have been in the top ten or near the top ten for four or five years.

John H. Gohde bragged to Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network that he was number #3. Well, that has since changed. I was pointing this out because I had been number three for over one month. Now, for a few weeks it has been in the #2 slot.

I have seven different websites at my disposal. Whether you are on page one or two out of 111+ million webpages, you don’t get there by accident. But being totally self-absorbed and conceited it went completely over his head. Some people just have to learn the hard way, I guess. 😦

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