October 13, 2009

What’s Up with Steph Watts?

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Steph Watts, Journalist

Steph Watts, Journalist

Steph Watts is supposed to be an up and coming investigative freelance journalist, yet he is is running a hack of a blog, that is marring his professional image.

Commenters on Simon Barrett’s BNN blog are starting to trash this aspiring journalist due to his poor blog presentation.

Steph appears not all that Internet savvy. Steph actually has two different websites. Steph Watts Reporter is a professionally done static website, while WATTS UP WITH THIS is a frequently updated Free WordPress blog. His static website for the most part is pretty well done, but his WordPress blog could easily be improved overnight.

WATTS UP, with Steph Watts Journalist

The first thing that Steph Watts needs to do is get his full name up on his webpage banner. I would recommend that he change his blog title to: WATTS UP, with Steph Watts Journalist in WordPress under General Settings. Unlike Art Harris, Steph is NOT very well known. Hence, he needs to take every opportunity to (1) Put his name out there, and (2) Advertise the fact that he is a professional journalist.

Steph Watts. Blogger

Steph Watts. Blogger

Next, as a journalist he is using the wrong WordPress theme. Any WordPress theme that places greater emphasis on the date of the post would be a better choice. The available options for a Free WordPress blog include the WordPress Classic, Ocadia, Toni, Shocking Blue Green, and Silver are the New Black, among other themes. Plus, a theme that would allow the inclusion of a picture of him on each page would be even better. Watts Up, Steph – Please STOP using Kubrick the default WordPress theme on your blog. Its continuing use will only turn off visitors.

Steph Watts biggest blog embarrassment is that he actually has an “About” page and the “Hello world” post with the default text that was supplied by WordPress itself. This is a definite NO! He should delete both of them. Then I would add a entirely new “About Steph Watts,” page.

The entire purpose of this About Steph Watts page is to sell himself as a professional journalist to the public. It should be something similar to his about page on his static website, but with completely different text and pictures. A real journalist should have no trouble writing on the same topic from several different perspectives, without repeating himself.

This leads up to the importance of using a better WordPress theme that displays the widgets that savvy visitors expect to see on each page of his blog. If his About Steph Watts page is not automatically displayed by his blog theme then he should add a page widget to display it on each page. Other good widget choices would be a Calendar, Archives, Categories, and Top Posts. Also, a text widget could be used to display his picture on top of each page.

Finally, Steph Watts needs to jazz up his posts with both pictures and videos. For example, Steph is claiming to have done an exclusive interview with Misty Cummings, but without an audio or video of the interview his post looks both amateurish and fraudulent. One solution would be YouTube. Audios even from the state of Pennsylvania can be uploaded to YouTube without too much trouble, and then embedded in blog posts. Steph can use any number of freely available programs for editing both video and audio.

WATTS UP, with Steph Watts Blogger

Simon Barrett of Blogger News Network refers to Steph Watts on his blog. Now, Steph should present himself as a professional journalist with my above suggestions.


UPDATE – What’s Up with Steph Watts?

It appears that during the second or third month of 2010 Steph decided to STOP using Kubrick, the default WordPress theme, on his Blog. His choice of the ChaosTheory theme looks great and is working out very well for him. Perhaps, he finally came across my post?



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  6. Alexander said,

    Steph watts is a good guy, got to work with him just last night on a job. Very nice man.

  7. drive by said,

    steph watts rocks!
    he really cares about the stories he covers!
    he is a well spoken and thoughtful commentator.
    he has a growing audience who are crazy loyal for him!

    • Art Harris has read the posts that I have written about him on this blog. Art even responded to one. Steph apparently read this post of mine too, because he finally changed some of his blog. And is now using a more appropriate WordPress Theme. It was about time.

      I cannot speak all that well of Steph, as a reporter. He has a bad habit of inviting guests on his talk show that don’t rock. The kind of guest that ends up being really bad. I suspect that as a journalist Steph is NOT above jerking people around with bum guests.

      In Watts Up With Donna Brock , on another Blog of mine, I commented on Steph’s bum guest and she actually commented on my blog. That still did NOT change the fact that Steph’s guest was a total Wack-O!

      Do NOT believe me? Well the above is a direct link to the specific post that is complete with Chat Room quotes of some of Steph’s loyal fans. With loyal fans like that who needs enemies?

  8. lex said,

    Steph Watts reports wrong info on the Nancy Grace show. NG 9/27/2006 transcript

    The Window -“Somebody didn’t do their homework”

    or google: Was it really worth it?

  9. The above link doesn’t work. Try this one:

    It is the responsibility of the reporter to “get it right” and attain credibility with the public. Because reporters jump from one story to the next to be the first to get it out there, there’s only frosting, no cake. They are pushed to meet deadlines, whether or not the story is accurate, then it’s on to the next story. For 6 years now, I am still investigating and reporting on the same case looking for the prize…the Truth.

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