October 22, 2009

EXCLUSIVE – Art Harris Mystery Solved!

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Anybody who is Internet savvy and has a lot of experience posting comments on WordPress blogs will probably find Art Harris’ comments section very baffling. Read on for an EXCLUSIVE exposé of Art Harris’ rather unusual technique for replying to comments.

In What’s Up with Steph Watts, I reviewed the hack of a blog being run by the journalist. In this post, I am going to go over what is wrong with the Art Harris blog. Will an EXCLUSIVE exposé of Simon Barrett blogging on BNN be far behind?


The Bald Truth is Art Harris’ blog. It has the distinctive look of a WordPress blog, yet nothing on it directly indicates that it is one. His blog was professionally designed. Searching his source code indicates that his theme has managed to remove all the traces of a WordPress blog.

The usual tail tale sign of a WordPress blog are the very distinctive login pages that show up in most Google dumps of all the pages on the website. The only login pages that show up in Google are related to his forum. This is a very strong indication to me that the professional developer who created Art’s blog modified the WordPress PHP code itself, in order to get rid of the very distinctive WordPress Login screen.

The open source project WordPress gets updated quite frequently. The latest version is WordPress 2.8.5. Since modifying WordPress every time they issue a new version would cost a heck of a lot of money, this to me is a very strong indication that he is running an extremely outdated version of WordPress. If so, that would put his blog at a major security risk.

Art Harris’ Comment Mystery Solved!

Looking at recent comments made on Art’s blog, they are extremely confusing. But, if you simply assume that Art Harris, just like Steph Watts, is fundamentally clueless when it comes to running a WordPress blog; then his comments mystery is easily solved.

Art Harris has decided for whatever reason that he will reply to the comments personally by editing the comment itself. His replies start out with a distinctive “——–” and end with the word “Art.” While Art’s method might appear acceptable if you are a total Internet ignoramus, WordPress has provided for “proper” replies a long time ago. His failure to use the proper comment reply technique is making Art’s Blog look both amateurish and unprofessional.

Since version 2.7, WordPress has provided what they call their enable threaded (nested) comments option. Prior to that, plugins were available that enabled comment replies.

Therefore, I am asking what is wrong with Art Harris?

Of course, looking at Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network I can give Art the excuse that he is NOT the only blogging ignoramus on the Internet.


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  1. Some might think that I have been too hard on both Steph and Art Harris.

    Both Steph and Art have in fact responded favorably to my comments. Steph mysteriously changed the theme on his Blog, while Art has managed to send me a couple of replies and implemented comment replies on his Blog. His latest reply to me was recently posted on his Blog.

    Art Harris is obviously a very busy person. I, myself, have been tied up with my new house, but intend on becoming a professional writer on the Internet over the next year. Or in other words, somebody who makes money with his websites thanks to Google Ads.

    In my own Internet journeys, I have recently dumped using the FireFox Web Browser. Once a great Web browser, FireFox is what had been consistently locking up my computer. So, I wised up and switched to Google’s Chrome, only to find that the crash proof browser does on occasion crash. At least, Chrome has reported that the real culprit all along has been FLASH.

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