October 31, 2009

What is Bugging Art Harris?

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Art is a professional journalist running a blog on the Internet that has been bugging me for a very a long time. His professional image as a two-time Emmy Award winning journalist is being marred by his blog that suffers from a rather obvious display bug.

Another Art Harris EXCLUSIVE

The Bald Truth is Art Harris’ blog that was professionally designed and developed just for him.

John H. Gohde to Art Harris: Hello, is anybody home? Isn’t it about time that you finally fixed your blog? How many more years will it take before Art Harris finally figures it out? People have been commenting about this problem on the Bald Truth for a long time. But, so far all these comments have just passed over the head of the clueless Art Harris. 😦

Savvy Internet users surf the Web with FireFox, which is a Mozilla or Netscape based web browser. Intelligent Web surfers have given up using Internet Explorer, a long time ago.

Blue Background Display Bug

The sad truth is that Art Harris’ blog, The Bald Truth, suffers from a rather obvious display bug. The bug is so bad that I absolutely hated visiting his blog the first few times. The Bald Truth is still rather irritating to use. Just as obviously, this display bug has not been corrected by Art. This would leave me to believe that Art Harris must be surfing the Web with the Internet Explorer Web browser.

The blue background display bug affects mostly Netscape or Mozilla based web browsers like Firefox. At best in Firebox, Art’s blog starts out a solid blue that blocks all text from being read except the post title of the most recent post until the webpage is fully loaded. At worst, the entire home page remains an unreadable solid blue.

Art Harris Display Bug

Art Harris Display Bug

Even when surfing with DSL, the Art Harris display problem hangs around long enough for me to capture it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am sometimes interested in reading the information on Art’s blog, I would not put up with this type of a display problem. Of course, I have been passing lately, since his Bald Truth’s relevance has been going down hill fast. Unknown to Art Harris, a lot of the public visiting quickly give up on the Bald Truth.

Art’s professional web developer used just a plain bad approach to web design and display, in my humble web developer’s opinion.

Web developers are supposed to check their work in about a half dozen different web browsers. But, the professional web developer obviously never bothered. And, why should he? Art Harris is too clueless to spot this type of an error. Let alone make him immediately correct the display problem for free.



  1. art said,

    Hey, John:

    Very much appreciate your spending the time to rattle my cage with such thoughtful feedback…I’m on it, and copying my web designer as we speak.
    To see the whole blue screen you put up hit me between the eyes. OMG, I’d run for the hills if that came up, but for some reason it doesn’t on Explorer?
    Any other mechanical or design ideas to make the site more relevant and easy to use are much appreciated. Indeed, I may be have been clueless, but no longer, thanks to you and other literary super geeks kind enough to sound off. Thanks again for leaning on the horn.

    • No problem. I figured that this post should get your attention.

      Yes, Internet Explorer renders webpages differently from the FireFox, Mozilla and Netscape web browsers. While the differences between version 7 or 8 of Internet Explorer and FireFox are not quite as bad as it used to be, there are still some differences.

      You might be able to fix the display problem yourself.

      To fix the blue background bug on your Bald Truth, all you would have to do is change one line of coding in the Cascading Style Sheet.

      Simply change the second line of coding from:

      background: #032d4f;


      background: #b0dff9;

      This should solve your display problem by changing your dark blue background to the same lighter shade of blue that you are already using elsewhere on your blog. The black colored text should remain visible on a light blue background.

      Alternatively, you could simply delete the entire background color line which would give you a default white background, which is what the majority of websites are using.

      I sent you a private email on this.

  2. Wayanne said,

    You two crack me up. Only those on the Haleigh case have I seen make a full circle.

    best Of luck in browsing boys.


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