September 18, 2010

Wacko Environmentalists on BNN

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In a quest to be out there once again, the BNN boys have moved onto a new topic. Are they now Wacko Environmentalists trying to work the public up over a new non-issue?

In Part 2 of Surviving The 21st Century [Download] as well on the BNN recap entitled Surviving The 21st Century – Radio Wrap Sep/18, Simon Barrett appears to have exhibited undesirable wacko environmentalist tendencies, IMHO. Simon’s guests were the husband and wife team of Mannie Barling and Ashley Brooks and Kindra Arnesen of the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana. Being interested in a clean environment as much as anybody else is, I was creeped out by the paranoid direction taken by what appeared to me to be nothing but a bunch of environmentalist wackos. Did they really have to devote all that time to Kindra Arnesen’s cough? At approximately 12 minutes of their broadcast the BNN Boys started to talk about Friday’s huge fish kill.

A mass of dead fish that looked like a gravel road. … This was actually dead fish. … It was so sad, I cried.

To summarize Kindra Arnesen:

“We went out there, fish kills do happen, but mile after mile I saw Red Fish on the surface, I also saw the sheen of oil. Fish tend to dive under the boat, but these fish were upside down, gasping for air, and crashing into the side of the boat.”

In a solid mass of dead fish one can only wonder how Kindra was able to see a sheen of oil. I would asked her: Do NOT dead fish in hot weather rot? And, are not fish known for their high oil content?

It was kind of suggested by them that a recent massive oil spill could be to blame for the fish kill. Fair enough, but being a skeptic I decided to research this alleged fish kill.

Who after all can be against the environment: Certainly not me. Personally, I am against drilling offshore in deep water as long as these oil companies do NOT have the technology to immediately plug leaks. Letting a massive oil spill go on for around two months was more than a bit unsettling for me.

Having said that, plenty of people are against wacko environmentalism. In fact, when jobs are threatened by environmental issues good people can become downright hostile. When THEIR jobs are threatened, these people can become extremely hostile towards clearly identified wacko environmentalists. Just a word to the wise for the BNN boys to consider.

While not a scientist, I am capable of rationally analyzing topics. I took the entire gut emotionalism out of the fish kill issue that was presented by the BNN boys. What caused this massive fish kill is given near the end of the above YouTube video. Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with what these wacko environmentalists had suggested on the Blog Talk Radio broadcast, IMHO.

First of all, it did NOT happen in the Gulf of Mexico at all, but rather on one of the minor tributaries of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. So unless oil was directly spilled upstream in this particular tributary how in the world could it possibly be linked to the BP oil spill?

Next, fish kills in this particular area of the country are rather common and routine.

What actually had happened was that due to a heat wave and drought conditions, tides have remained low. Contact with the Gulf of Mexico had been totally cut off for a long time. A natural damn downstream was formed at the tidal mouth of the tributary and water levels continued to fall to below 8 feet. The oversupply of fish in such a concentrated area used up all the oxygen in the water, the process of which was accelerated by the high water temperatures. Fish cannot split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Fish use their gills to extract oxygen gas from water. Temperature affects how much oxygen gas can be held in water, the higher the temperature the less gas that can stay dissolved. This is also why beer or soda goes flat at room temperature.

Fish died along the entire length of this tributary and simply floated downstream. Overtime, the fish accumulated at the natural damn at the tidal mouth of the tributary in Louisiana.

To quote a resident of New Orleans:

“Fish kills DO occur naturally in estuaries from time to time, even without the additional nutrients (nitrates mostly) introduced by agricultural runoff. These (estuarine) areas are, quite simply, the most fertile and nutrient rich places on earth. Summertime temperatures and extremely high nutrient levels act as a natural incubator for the algal blooms … Combined with prolonged periods of low water levels (often common at this time of year) and exacerbated by extreme low tides (meaning NO water movement to aerate or flush or flood the marsh) results in oxygen depletion and fish kills. The water temperatures alone in these waterways is enough to kill fish. We’re talking about waters which are only 2 to 8 feet deep under the best of conditions one week and can be BONE DRY the next! We also have fish kills when fish get trapped in shallow waters, on falling tides in the winter, whence they FREEZE to death!”

Whether or not this particular fish kill is any different from any of the other routine kills is entirely speculation on the part of wacko environmentalists. Virginia has experienced this summer, 11 days of 100 degree plus temperatures, with most of the other days in the mid to high 90’s. In September temperatures still have been low to upper 90’s on most days. We really have had only two cool days so far in September. This has not happen perhaps, since the ’50s and possibly you have to go back to the turn of the century. IMHO, that probably alone can explain why this fish kill appears to be different when wacko environmentalists get going on their righteous job destroying rants that have more to do with unbridled emotionalism of their secret leftist agenda then they do with reality.



  1. clearly said,

    Good evening, John. Well, actually it’s morning now, I suppose.

    I agree with your entry 100%. The environment is a huge concern and the damage from past generations and certainly our current generation, have ensured that future generations will pay a heavy toll for our current and past greed.

    It’s sad what we have managed to do to planet earth in such a short amount of time.

    OT: I’m afraid to assume anything but I would take from your knowledge regarding Virginia’s unbearable heat this summer, that you currently live in the commonwealth? I live just outside of Blacksburg and I think not only was the summer’s heat enough to kill the fish, but was hot enough to fry them up nicely for dinner!

    Enjoy the weekend and cooler temps!

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