November 19, 2010

Haleigh Cummngs on RadioNewz Blog

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How could it have happened?

Why did Haleigh a five year old darling little girl going to Kindergarten have to die? Couldn’t what had happened to her have been easily prevented?

Just about everyone involved in the case of missing Haleigh Cummings from day one has pointed their fingers at the dysfunctional Cummings and Croslin families. Often their involvement and addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal street drugs is believed to be the prime factor in what had happen to Haleigh Cummings. But, recreational use of drugs is NOT the only form of dangerous addiction in America.

RadioNewz Blog – Hot Bed of Internet Trolls

Has anybody seen a bigger group of dysfunctional characters than the Cummings and the Croslins in the Haleigh Cummings disappearance saga? Well, I have located such a group of Little Goody Two-Shoes who are even worst offenders. They are none other than a group people who are clearly addicted to the Internet at: The RadioNewz Blog. They fancy themselves in their own minds as crime sleuths busily working on bringing Haleigh home. In reality, they are no better than any Croslin or Cummings. I caught them several times lying and being vindictive over minor issues. They were clearly NOT telling everything that they knew about the Croslin family members.

Mr. Peabody, Radio's latest victim!

Mr. Peabody, Radio's latest victim!

Haleigh died on day one of this case, all news announcements on her have stopped some six months ago. Yet each night these snotty, mean, and vindictive people stay up to all hours of the night to discuss some crazed new theory on what had happened to Haleigh.

These Internet Trolls even metaphorically murdered a character called Mr. Peabody by banning him. In other words, Radio basically rubbed out, Mr. Peabody, because she felt like it. They often discuss their victim, but think absolutely nothing of his plight. After all, they reason that they are still alive and well, nor were they inconvenienced in the least. Life is going on for these crazed Internet Trolls, just like life went on for the Cummings and Croslins even if Haleigh was no longer among them. I bet Misty rubbed out Haleigh because she felt like it, too.

RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

The truth has finally come out about Radio’s sorry excuse for a forum (see Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé as well as Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé – Backlash).

RadioNewz Blog – Radio – As bad as any Croslin

Even though the Haleigh Case ended months ago, they absolutely refused to move on. They are basically just a bunch of Internet addicted man hating females who have joined a Ron Haters club who picture Misty Croslin as an innocent victim of the controlling Ronald Cummings. Radio having more than 65 threads on Haleigh speaks for itself. Each thread contains at least 21 pages of crazed posts. They are going over the same old crap, over and over again like a bunch of Internet crazed zombies. Believe it or NOT, but these fools just the other day were arguing over whether Ron had worked 8 or 12 hours that night. These Internet idiots have no life. They are hostile. They are NOT helping to find Haleigh in the least. They are frustrated, closed minded, vindictive, suspicious of all outsiders, mean, nasty, and paranoid. One of them has actually claimed that I gave her the finger, because I included a graphic of a shaking finger in one of my long forgotten posts which was clearly supposed to signify “NO”, or maybe “Naughty” in a good humored way. Sorry, but it was only one possible choice out of a 100 cute possibilities which had absolutely no significance whatsoever other than an interesting way to relieve boredom in messaging. These people really need to get a life, or maybe a hobby, even.

Because of the above RadioNewz Blog case study we can see that what happened with the Croslin and Cummings families can and is happening all over America. Beware of Radio’s tiny group of wack-jobs, America. Radio’s Crime Slueth zombies on the RadioNewz Blog Forum like to say good morning and tonight to each other every day, as if it was their job to report to each other. Those who don’t are consider rude. Well, I am putting to rest and saying goodnight to these crazies.


RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

  1. Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé
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  4. RadioNewz Blog – Simon Barrett’s Snitch Exposé
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  1. 11111 said,

    you are a nut job!

  2. Fifi said,

    Wait, are they man haters because you consider Ron, a man? Seriously?

    • You mean “they” don’t you?

      Ron Hatters on Radio's Blog

      Ron Hatters on Radio's Blog

      Seriously, you need to ask this group of crazed females why they are zeroing on the man of the family, Ronald Cummings.

  3. thatsme said,

    Is bashing Radio’s forum getting you a few hits to your otherwise dead little blog? Just wondering, seems I hear a little jealousy in your posts…

    • Hello Radio,

      I already answered that question, Dork, elsewhere.

      Most of the hits to this post were referrals from the RadioNewz Blog. Your little group of Internet Addicts were not even supposed to see this post of mine. As a result, the first version of this post was NOT very well written. Nor, did it have to be. No matter, I have just revised this post in a few significant ways. Now, it is just about perfect.

      beating a dead horseI will be posting yet another post, from yet another Blog of mine. Maybe two more even. A good writer can always cover the same topic from a half-dozen different perspectives. Having a bunch of different websites at your disposal offers significant SEO advantages over posting from just on one Blog.

  4. Just Me said,

    Obviously you find enough info at the Radio News to continue blabbing and making it your PRIME TOPIC. If it is so boring, why do you continually visit the site and snap screen shots of bloggers posts.

    You definitely must be jealous of the bloggers that are members of the Radio News Site. There have been some EXCELLENT thoughts and theories posted there and if you don’t agree … we really don’t give a hoot of your thoughts.

    However, you continually find fault …..

    • Lookie, I can see Radio’s brain, above, on drugs. 😆

  5. Sigh said,

    ROF- literally Laughing my Ass off! It’s true – I’m Assless! What a pathetic display of ass kissing! Do you people floss her teeth too?

  6. Mom2JJ said,

    Guess you didn’t like my other post because I can see you have deleted it….sore loser!

    First of all you sound like a child tattling to mommy, They called me a bad word and gave me the finger mommy!….Geeze and you call yourself a grown man? As for man haters? Sounds more like you are a woman hater, guess mommy didn’t give you all of the attention you wantedgrowimg up Boo Hoo!

    {quote]Even though the Haleigh Case ended months ago, they absolutely refused to move on. [/quote]

    Look whose refusing to move on! You are the only one who can’t move on! Guess you are still reading at Radios if you are still posting your BS here…now tell me who is the one that’s addicted!

    Get a life BOZO!

    • Sigh said,

      Mom2JJ/”You’re a Joke”- lets see just how many people care what you posted!

      • I realize that you are operating with a few beers short of a six-pack, but my only interest is in manipulating a particular SERP in Google, with my SEO skills.

        • Sigh said,


      • Sigh said,

        Hmmm, looks like – Nada….that’s how many care! They’re to self absorbed and busy building their quick comebacks to bother with anything else! Trolls are like that ya know.

        I’m sorry your cry for attention backfired

        • Loser said,

          Hey look! John has ONE fan!!!!! Whoo Hoo!

  7. Sigh said,

    LMAO, Mom2JJ feels the need to quote! LOLOL!

  8. BillyLee said,

    Hey John, can I interest you in a 2yr old orange tree? Dang thing is taking up the dogs room in the back of the jeep.

    I got to visit Ron in prison and he said to tell you thanks for the money orders!



    • Sigh said,

      ” QuantumUS/truthisther..nice to see you again…being polite

      • Just call me Curious G.

        • BillyLee said,

          you nursed two kids?

        • Sigh said,


  9. The inclusion of the bit about Radio’s latest victim which I compared to how the Cummings and the Croslins handled the disappearance of Haleigh has risen the long term status of my latest post to a new level.

    Now, Radio’s Internet Zombies are truly comparable to the Croslins. 😆

    Who could be Radio’s next victim? They are getting bolder and bolder. Could another metaphorical murder be that far away?

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