February 18, 2011

Peabody Runs Radio Out of Town on a Rail

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It is good to see that Peabody has finally driven Radio out of Virginia City metaphorically on a rail. Unable to bare, her sorry excuse of a Blog, Radio retreats and circles her wagons around her dying forum.

Peabody Runs Radio Out of Town

Peabody Runs Radio Out of Town

Radio, Mr. Peabody's latest victim!

Radio, Mr. Peabody's latest victim!

We had last caught up with Radio in our post on Haleigh Cummngs on RadioNewz Blog. By any stretch of the imagination Radio’s last series of posts on her Blog documented some deep seated psychosis, or at least writer’s block. Unable to live with her shame, Radio has been finally driven out of town metaphorically by Mr. Peabody.

RadioNewz Blog – Hot Bed of Internet Trolls

Has anybody seen a bigger group of dysfunctional characters than Radio’s peeps?


RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

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  3. Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia
  4. RadioNewz Blog – Simon Barrett’s Snitch Exposé
  5. RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin

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  1. Diasy47 said,

    Good! That Radio is one crazy lady.

  2. All she did was to change over to a different format that enables her to lie at will. She now hides behind parody and satire so that she does not have to account for her actions.


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