September 18, 2011

Is Timothy Holmseth just a Perv?

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Is Timothy Holmseth just a Perv?Shocking new allegations have been raised by Kim Picazio that Timothy Holmseth is nothing, but a perv pretending to have been responsibly investigating the Haleigh Cummings’ case.

Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth Revealed

A petition for protection just filed in Florida, strongly suggests that Holmseth’s book, Web site, email distributions, and his social network activities were nothing but a cover for a sex maniac to cyber stalk Kim Picazio.

The question of whether or NOT Timothy Holmseth is a sex depraved Cyber Stalker was recently raised in Haleigh Cummings – The Aftermath. You need to read this important post while Kim Picazio’s petition for protection is still available for public viewing in its entirety.


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  1. Something needs to be done about him, this is a missing child and a nightmare that his is the only book on the subject/

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