November 23, 2011

Reddios Turns Soft on Timothy Holmseth

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Timothy Holmseth Busted!
What does Reddios and Timothy Holmseth have in common?

We last caught up with Tim in It is Déjà Vu for Timothy Holmseth, and with Reddios in Peabody Runs Radio Out of Town on a Rail.

According to the Cyberbullying Report, both Reddios and Timothy Holmseth are notorious Cyber Bullies. In addition, both of them are soft in the brain pan.

Reddios on her Internet Observations & Musings went soft on Timothy Holmseth. Tell me, Reddios, it ain’t so!

Reddios went soft on Timothy Holmseth.

Reddios’ true crime forum according to the Cyberbullying Report posts all sorts of information in an attempt to smear people. Saddly, Reddios honestly believes that she can block people from accessing her very public Internet Observations & Musings.

I honestly believe that makes Reddios as daffy as Timothy Holmseth.

I honestly believe that changing Radio’s identity did NOT change her true nature. What do you think? Is Reddios as loony as Timothy?

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