November 21, 2012

What was Mitt Romney Thinking?

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What was Mitt Romney Thinking?Was it my imagination, or did Mitt Romney go around the country during the 2012 Presidential campaign pissing off just about every major voting block in the country?

Mitt picking Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate while publicly applauded by many political pundits, was just about the dumbest move that the idiot could have made. Had he merely picked someone who was Black, Female, or Hispanic; Mitt could easilyhave bought a large number of votes. No, what this fool did instead was piss off the senior citizen voting block by picking Ryan who wanted to shake social security up by privatizing it.

What was that about George Bush being born with a silver foot in his mouth, well I think that Mitt easily topped that by publicly saying that he wanted Roe v Wade reversed, wanted to cut Planned Parenthood, and wanted to make Big Bird fend for himself. Even if these positions made a lot of fiscal sense, during a largely irrational and emotion laden political campaign, they were political suicide.

Mitt Romney was unelectable as the governor of one of the most liberal states, Massachusetts, in the union. Talk about pissing off the heart and soul of the Republican Party!

After spending a ton of money on advertising, Mitt ended up doing far worst in the final vote than John McCain did. The dude was unelectable from the get go, and everyone but Mitt Romney knew it.

All together it seriously makes you wonder if Mitt wasn’t suffering from age related dementia. The Republicans Party is going to help me? Do NOT make me laugh. They cannot even pick a candidate that has a remote possibility of winning.

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