December 5, 2012

Is Kate Middleton Expecting Twins?

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Is Kate Middleton Expecting Twins?The buzz about town is that Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are expecting. Some say that Kate is recovering from a bad case of morning sickness, just so she can once again be the center of attention.

If Middleton is carrying twins, which one of them will succeed to the thrown of England? Who knows who cares? This is the United States of America, people. We fought the American Revolutionary War for a reason. There is no royalty in America, even if Obama and Hollywood starlets are often treated like royalty.

One might ask, when Kate finally delivers will she be returning to work immediately, or is she entitled to maternity leave in her line of work. Yes, what exactly is her line of work, other than being paid royally, to look royal?

If we should feel sorry for anyone, it is clearly Prince Charles. The man, who was raised to rule England since birth, currently has less a chance than I do of being the King of England in his lifetime. Is it any wonder that Prince Charles, always looks so depressed, and grumpy?