December 15, 2012

26 Dead – Connecticut School Shooting

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20 young innocent childhood victimsIt has happened, yet, again. Just when children should be enjoying the holidays, they now have to deal with this senseless tragedy.

How could this have happened? Simple, people are stupid!

It should not have happened. No for real, it should never have happened. The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where the shootings took place had a buzz-in security system. Access to this school was through the front door, only.

The person operating this security system was asleep at the switch that fateful morning. 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the gunman, for some unknown reason, was let in. The principal’s office was right next to the front door. Upon gaining entrance, Lance probably immediately shot the idiot who had let him in dead, along with a few other adults in the front office.

End result of employing a comatose person to operate this security station: 20 young innocent childhood victims.

Of course, had Lanza been locked out of the school, he still might have been able to enter the school through a door that had been left open, or unlocked. Likewise, he might have been able to gain entrance by breaking a window. Still, Lanza would have been at least slowed down. Perhaps, with time enough for the local police to have arrived on the crime scene.

Lanza, got the guns from his mother’s house. Ergo, who ever owned the guns they positively were NOT locked up or otherwise kept secure from a person with known mental health issues. Ergo, once again guns intended to keep Nancy Lanza, the mother, safe ended up being the instrument of her death.

Statistics clearly indicate that guns kept in the house for security reasons are more likely to kill family members than criminals.

Once again, we can blame this senseless tragedy on a bunch of stupid people.